Naz crystal corner

Naz crystal corner

Morganite This beautiful crystal is an absolute must for anyone seeking to find their Mr (or Miss) right this month. Place one in your bra - or wear a morganite necklace by your heart - to maximise your chances of attracting a new partner.

Green Moss Agate Encourage any new - or existing relationships - to blossom this month by combining the magical powers of these stunning crystals. Place them beside a photo of you and your partner to deepen the bond between you.

Rhodochrosite Overcome any dark - or difficult - patches in your relationship by keeping a Rhodochrosite crystal close by. The gem's thought to help you reconnect with your partner, and will help you overcome any bad patches in your relationship. Say your partner's name three times, while holding the crystal over their photo, to rekindle the flame between you.

Rose Quartz will help you to connect to your emotions, helping you to heal the heart & in so doing, encourages romance & the ability to love. It helps with self-forgiveness, acceptance, self- trust & self-worth.

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