Naz Crystal Corner

Naz Crystal Corner

Instant happiness: Blue Goldstone

Resembling a starry sky at night, this captivating crystal symbolises the end of a very dark - and difficult - time in your life. New relationships, friendships and job opportunities may leave you feeling very hopeful, and you could hear some exciting news about a friend or family member too. Wave the your sadness goodbye - and keep your confidence sky high - by placing a Blue Goldstone in your home or work place, or keeping one with you each day.

Inner peace: Carnelian

This beautiful crystal has enchanted the world with its magical properties for centuries, and suggests you may find yourself feeling slightly threatened by a friend or colleague’s popularity this week. Private gatherings between friends, colleagues or family members may leave you feeling very excluded, and someone could upset you with their cold or distant behaviour too. Protect yourself from their negative energy - and fill your heart with positivity - by keeping a Carnelian nearby.

Brings Strength: Hematite

This stunning crystal has captivated people’s hearts and minds for centuries, and was once thought to contain the sacred blood of fallen soldiers. Synonymous with strength, courage and bravery, it suggests you may need to stand your ground with a very toxic person around you this week. Heated discussions with friends, colleagues and family members can definitely be expected, and there could be a tearful outburst from someone around you too.