With all the sadness and turmoil around us right now, we’re all feeling anxious about the future, our health, and the safety of our loved ones. The following crystals are thought to help with anxiety.


Known as a ‘worry stone’, this beautiful crystal is ideal for anyone who’s feeling scared, lonely or worried about their loved ones right now. Simply hold one in your palm, or keep one under your pillow to help you feel calm, comforted and safe. Alternatively, if you know someone who’s struggling, hold a Jasper crystal by your heart, and ask it to send them healing. 


Synonymous with protection, this powerful crystal is thought to help you fall asleep, and prevent nightmares. If you’ve been struggling to sleep - or keep having bad dreams - simply place one under your pillow, or keep one in your bedroom. It’s also a great crystal for calming your mind, and is believed to help you feel less stressed and anxious too.


This beautiful crystal is thought to bring us hope and healing during the difficult times in our lives. A wonderful crystal for those who are feeling powerless, overwhelmed or scared right now, it’s believed to maximise your inner strength and courage. Place one in your home, or hold one by your heart each night before bed, to calm your mind.

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