Naz’s Christmas Crystal Corner

Naz’s Christmas Crystal Corner

Red jasper

December is a month for balance and protection, links with the base chakra, for security and belonging. Hold a piece of red jasper in each palm whenever you need stability and grounding; or, take hold of the card, focus on the crystal within it, and feel your power to take control.  

Rhodonite brings emotional healing. It works upon the heart chakra to help soothe upset, release fear, and stimulate feelings of compassion for yourself and others. Rhodonite heightens all your positive emotions, so whatever is good in your life becomes greater. Focus on rhodonite within the card and whenever you need to feel the power of abundance.

Turquoise is a strongly protective crystal that promotes healing, friendship, good fortune and spiritual connection. Associated with the throat chakra, turquoise aids self-expression and helps you clearly hear your inner guidance when faced with following the crowd or going your own way. Hold the card, focus on the Hermit’s turquoise, and feel your power to explore new or unusual pathways.  

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