Naz's Corner

Naz's Corner


This stunning crystal is thought to calm and quieten your mind, and will help you switch off at the end of the day. Simply place one in your bedroom, or keep one under your pillow, to help you sleep better. It’s also an absolute must for anyone who struggles with nightmares, or finds it difficult to fall asleep at night, and will help you feel more peaceful and calm.



This enchanting crystal is believed to gently wash away any worries or stress that are keeping you awake at night. Try placing one in your bedroom to create a calm and peaceful environment around you, or hold one by your heart and ask it to remove any tension or stress in your body. It’s also thought to remove any negative energy around you, and will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.


Rose Quartz

This beautiful crystal is believed to create a calm and relaxing energy in your home, and will help you sleep peacefully. Renowned for its healing properties, it’s a wonderful crystal to use when you’re feeling anxious or stressed. Simply place one under your pillow, or keep one in your bedroom, to create a calming energy in your home, and help you fall asleep.