Naz's Corner

Naz's Corner
Energy boost: Carnelian
Wake up feeling super-energised each day by incorporating a Carnelian crystal into your morning routine. Thought to naturally boost your energy – and keep you feeling happy, healthy and fully recharged – this stunning crystal is an absolute must for anyone who is feeling a little lethargic, drained or demotivated. Simply hold one by your solar plexus each morning for an instant energy boost before you start your day. 

Self-esteem: Tiger’s Eye
Synonymous with courage, confidence and self-belief, this mesmerising crystal is thought to naturally boost your willpower, and will help you feel more empowered, positive and motivated. Simply keep one in your office – or wear a Tiger’s Eye bracelet – to help you overcome any limiting thoughts or self-sabotaging beliefs holding you back, or preventing you from fulfilling your potential. It’s also thought to boost your self-esteem, and will help you feel more confident. 

Stress: Clear Quartz
Known as ‘the master healer’, this beautiful crystal is thought to naturally clear your mind, and will help you stay calm and clear-headed – no matter what is happening around you. Believed to gently clear and balance your solar plexus, it is the perfect crystal to turn to when you’re feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. Simply keep one with you all day, or hold one by your solar plexus to help you feel more calm and grounded.