Naz's Corner

Naz's Corner


Thought to be one of Elizabeth Taylor’s favourite gemstones, this mesmerising crystal has enchanted the world with its beauty for centuries, and was highly prized by the ancient Egyptians. Synonymous with everlasting love, it’s a wonderful crystal for anyone who’s seeking to keep the memory of a loved one alive in their hearts, and will fill your heart with love and gratitude for the times you shared.


Spirit quartz

Known as a stone of harmony and universal love, this captivating crystal is thought to naturally enhance your intuition, and help you feel more connected to the spirit world. Ideal for anyone who’s mourning the loss of a loved one, it’s thought to gently wash away your sadness and sorrow, and will help you feel their loving energy around you. Simply hold one by your heart to help you feel their love around you.



Synonymous with love, healing and protection, this beautiful crystal is thought to naturally calm your mind, and fill your heart with peace and serenity. A wonderful crystal to work with when you’re seeking to dream of someone you’ve lost, it’s thought to help you reconnect with your loved ones through your dreams. Simply place one under your pillow, and ask it to help you connect with them while you sleep.