Naz's Crystal Corner

Naz's Crystal Corner
Rose Quartz: loving atmosphere 
Ideal for anyone seeking to create a warm, welcoming and loving vibe in their home this month, this beautiful crystal will help you turn your house into a home this Christmas. Simply place one in a spray bottle, add some water and spritz a little in each room for an instantly happier home life.
Black agate: protection
Protect your home and loved ones from any bad vibes or negative energy by keeping a Black Agate by your front door, or placing a piece by your window. The gem's thought to shield you from negative energy, and will guard you and your loved ones like a guardian angel.
Prehnite: harmony
Avoid any petty squabbles or arguments with loved ones by keeping a Prehnite crystal in your living room (or placing one by your front door, or beside a family photo). The gem's thought to heal, protect and nurture bonds between loved ones, and will help you and your loved ones avoid any family squabbles this festive season.

For more information about crystals, order Naz's crystal book, The Essential Guide to Crystals.

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