Naz’s crystal corner

Naz’s crystal corner

Wave your fears goodbye - and keep your confidence sky high - by trying these quick and easy crystal tips to help you super-charge your courage this month...

Tiger’s Eye: People pleasing
Prized for centuries, this spellbinding crystal is an absolute must for anyone who’s terrified of disappointing the people around them. Synonymous with courage, confidence and bravery, it’s thought to gently wash away our worries and fears, and will help you turn your fearfulness into fearlessness this month! Simply hold one by your heart, or keep one by a photo of yourself.

Hematite: Fear of failure
Enchanting the world with its beauty for centuries, this mesmerising crystal is renowned for its powerfully protective properties, and was once thought to contain the sacred blood of fallen soldiers. Thought to help us overcome our greatest fears, it’s the perfect crystal for anyone who’s feeling anxious about the future this month. Overcome your fear of failure by keeping a Hematite nearby. 

Bloodstone: Willpower!
Maximise your confidence and willpower this month by keeping a Bloodstone in your home or work place. The gem’s thought to help you overcome your fears, and will give you the courage to look your fears in the eye - and give them a wink. Simply keep one in your bedroom or place one on your desk to help you stay strong.

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