Naz’S Crystal corner

Naz’S Crystal corner

Give your love life a boost this Valentine’s Day by trying these super-simple crystal tips to help you find and keep your perfect match…


Rose Quartz: New love 

Known as the stone of unconditional love, this enchanting crystal is an absolute must for anyone who’s looking for a new partner. Thought to naturally boost your chances of finding love, it’s also believed to nurture your friendships and help you overcome any heartache from the past.

Simply write a list of everything you’re looking for in a partner, and leave it by your window with a Rose Quartz on top. 


Tree Moss Agate: Commitment

This mesmerising crystal is thought to encourage growth in everything from your finances and work, to your confidence and love life. Believed to naturally nurture the bond between partners, it’s the perfect crystal to turn to when you’re seeking to deepen the love, trust and commitment between you and your partner. Simply place one by a photo of you together, or give them one as a gift.


Rhodonite: Healing 

This beautiful crystal is ideal for anyone who’s seeking to overcome any pain or heartache from a past relationship. Thought to gently heal your sadness - and give you the courage to open your heart to love again - it’s a wonderful crystal for helping you let you of the past, and move on to a new relationship. Simply hold one by your heart for a few minutes each night, or keep one under your pillow.

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