Naz's Crystal Corner

Naz's Crystal Corner

Give your guardian angel a helping hand this month by trying these super simple crystal tips to help you love, honour and obey your mind, body and soul this month...

Amethyst: boundaries
This beautiful crystal is an absolute must for anyone who finds it really difficult saying 'no', and will help you put your own health, happiness and wellbeing at the top of your list this month. Thought to protect and watch over you - like a guardian angel - it will help you love, cherish and honour your own health and happiness (as much as others) this month.

Black tourmaline: protection
Ideal for anyone who's seeking to protect themselves - and their loved ones - from any toxic, difficult or draining situations this month, this powerful crystal is thought to shield your energy, and protect you from other people's negativity. Simply keep one with you - or place one in your home/office - to help you keep calm and carry on (no matter what's going on around you).

Rose quartz: self love
Fall in love with your body, mind and soul - and treat yourself like a goddess - this month by keeping one of these beautiful crystals nearby (or treating yourself to one of our beautiful rose quartz bracelets). Synonymous with love, beauty and healing, it will help you fall in love with yourself (and your life) this month.


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