Naz's Crystal Corner

Naz's Crystal Corner

Self-love: Rose Quartz

Fall in love with your reflection - and view yourself with love and affection - by holding one of these beautiful crystals by your heart, or placing one beside a photo of yourself as a child. Synonymous with unconditional love and healing, it's thought to help you love and accept yourself wholeheartedly, and will help you cherish yourself unconditionally.

Self-forgiveness: Rhodonite

This stunning crystal is thought to help us love and nurture ourselves as much as we love and nurture the people around us, and will help you look your insecurities in the eye - and wave them bye bye! Ideal for anyone seeking to forgive themselves (or anyone around them) for the pain and heartache they've caused, it will gently wash away any guilt from your mind, and help you leave the past behind.

Healing: Mangano Calcite

Encouraging you to love and nurture your body and mind - and helping you leave all your sadness behind - this beautiful crystal is synonymous with love, healing and hope. Thought to heal our sadness and sorrow - and give us hope for a brighter tomorrow - it will gently heal your heartbreak and pain, and help you fall in love with yourself again. Simply hold one by your heart, or keep one nearby, and you'll soon be waving your sadness goodbye.

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