Naz's Crystal Corner

Naz's Crystal Corner

Shield yourself from other people's negativity and drama - and leave the rest to karma - by trying these top tips for protection...
Onyx: Fake friends
Synonymous with healing and protection, this beautiful crystal is an absolute must for anyone who's seeking to protect themselves from any lies, gossip or drama around them this month. Protect your heart and mind - and leave their attention-seeking behind - by placing one of these stunning crystals in your home or office, or keeping one with you each day.
Amethyst: Energy Vampires
Known as the 'stone of love and protection', this enchanting crystal is ideal for anyone who's feeling very drained or suffocated by someone's constant need for attention this month. Thought to lovingly protect our hearts and energy - and shield our minds from negativity - it's pretty much the equivalent of sticking a 'no drama allowed' sticker on your forehead, and will help you stay zen.
Carnelian: Jealousy
This beautiful crystal was highly prized by ancient warriors - who believed the gem would help them defeat their enemies in battle! As such, it's a wonderful crystal to work with when you're seeking to shield yourself from any jealousy around you. Simply keep one in your home - or wear one to work each day - to keep their bad vibes and envy away!
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