Naz's Crystal corner

Naz's Crystal corner

Blue Calcite: Calming anxious pets

Synonymous with peace and serenity, this beautiful crystal is an absolute must for anyone who's looking for ways to keep their pet feeling cool, calm and collected this season. Thought to soothe and calm the body and mind - and gently cast their fears aside - it will watch over your furry friend (like a guardian angel), and keep them feeling safe. Simply place one on a shelf in their room, or attach one to their collar.

Black Onyx: Protection

Keep your pets safe this season by placing a Black Onyx crystal by your front door, or attaching one to their collar. The crystal's thought to maximise their inner-strength and courage, and will prevent them from running off - or misbehaving - when they're scared or nervous. Ideal for times when they're likely to be super-anxious or frightened, it's pretty much the equivalent of their favourite treat in a crystal, and will keep them feeling happy and calm.

Blue Lace Agate: Sweet Dreams

Prevent any scary sights from keeping your pet up at night by placing a Blue Lace Agate on a shelf above their bed, or keeping one on a shelf nearby. The crystal's thought to gently soothe away their worries and fears, and will help them fall asleep (like a sweet lullaby). The perfect crystal for restless animals on sleepless nights, it will ensure both you - and your pets - have the sweetest of dreams this season. 

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