Naz’s crystal corner

Naz’s crystal corner

Nurture your friendships - and surround your loved ones with love and protection - by trying these super-simple tips to heal and protect your friendships

Jade: Attract new friends 

Prized for centuries, this beautiful crystal is ideal for anyone who’s hoping to make some lovely new friends this spring. Simply place one beside some yellow flowers (symbolising friendship), or wear a Turquoise bracelet to any parties or social gatherings you attend. 

Green Moss Agate: Strengthen your friendships

Adorned with beautiful patterns - resembling everything from flowers and plants, to trees and leaves - this mesmerising crystal is thought to lovingly nurture our bonds with others. Place one beside a photo of you and your beat friend, or send one to a loved one as a gift to deepen the bond between you, 

Rose Quartz: Heal the rift between you and a friend

Known as the ‘stone of unconditional love and acceptance’, this spellbinding crystal is an absolute must for anyone who’s hoping to rebuild their bond with an old friend this month. Leave the past behind you - and heal any tension or resentment between you - by sending them a Rose Quartz as a gift.

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