Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 16th - 22nd July 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  16th - 22nd July 2017

Aries: Obsidian

This enchanting crystal is often associated with the Egyptian Goddess of Destruction Sekhmet, who is thought to have fallen in love with the God of Creation, Ptar. Their union is said to have been blessed by the gods, who unified their powers to create their son, the God of Healing. Silencing the destructive thoughts within - and helping us love and accept the skin we're in - this beautiful crystal encourages us to choose love and healing over pain and suffering - like she did.

Taurus: Sapphire

Synonymous with love and healing, this captivating crystal was highly prized by the Ancient Persians, who believed the world was set upon a giant piece of Sapphire, which coloured the sky blue with its reflection! Like this beautiful crystal - which so selflessly brightens the world with its beauty - this enchanting crystal suggests you may need to brighten someone's spirit with your love and kindness this week. Send them your love by placing one by their photo.

Gemini: Sardonyx

This captivating crystal has bewitched people's hearts and minds with its spellbinding properties for centuries, and was highly revered by ancient warriors, who believed it would help them defeat their enemies in battle! Thought to bring love to the lonely - and joy to the melancholy - it encourages us to see and appreciate the beauty in others, and helps us treat them as if that's all we see. Keep one nearby to help you see the beauty in a difficult person around you this week.

Cancer: Dumortierite

Encouraging us to dance like no-one's watching - and sing like no-one's listening - this beautiful crystal inspires us to live every day like it's our birthday! Synonymous with fun, happiness and freedom, it empowers us to treat each day like it's our last day, and encourages us to buy the shoes, eat the cake and fall in love with every breath we take! Place one by a photo of yourself as a child - or hold one by your heart - to help you seize the day every day this week.

Leo: Prehnite

Thought to heal the healer, nurture the nurturer and rescue the rescuer, this beautiful crystal has enchanted everyone - from psychics and healers, to shamans and collectors - from as far back as the 18th century, and is thought to be the first mineral to be named after a person. Like a guardian angel sent from above - or a loved one in heaven surrounding you with love - it will keep you feeling loved and protected this week. Simply hold one by your chest and the gem will do the rest.

Virgo: Lepidolite

Like the fairy godmother in Cinderella - or a guardian angel offering you shelter - this mesmerising crystal is thought to help us love and accept ourselves unconditionally. With a rich and fascinating history - dating back to the 18th century - it was highly revered by the ancient Hindus, who believed each of the crystals carried a guardian spirit within. Thought to heal our sorrow and sadness - and reunite us with our happiness - it will help you turn your tears into cheers this week.

Libra: Pink Opal

This stunning crystal was highly revered by the ancient Romans, and is even thought to have captured the heart of Marc Anthony who is said to have been so desperate to woo Cleopatra with one, he threatened to ill a Roman senator if he didn't sell him one! Much to his horror, the senator rejected his offer, choosing to be exiled to a land far away, rather than forced to give his gem away. As such, it suggests you may need to stand your ground with a powerful figure this week.

Scorpio: Chrysocolla

This beautiful crystal is often associated with the Goddess of Wisdom Sophia - who is thought to have been so devoted to loving and helping humans, she sacrificed her life as a goddess to live with them. Sadly - despite her best efforts to befriend them - they ignored her presence, and the goddess (heartbroken by their cruelty), fled the earth in anguish. As such, it suggests you may need to distance yourself from someone who's been taking your kindness for granted this week.

Sagittarius: Blue Chalcedony

Highly prized by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, this beautiful crystal is synonymous with the Goddess of Peace Whope, who is thought to have been so passionate about bringing people together, she devoted her life to healing, nurturing and protecting their friendships! Encouraging us to thank the people who love us - and walk away from the people who hurt us - it suggests you may need to distance yourself from an unhealthy friendship this week.

Capricorn: Serpentine

Taking its name from the Greek word 'serpens', meaning snake, this spellbinding crystal was highly revered by the ancient Romans. Encouraging us to let go of what's been - like a snake shedding its skin - and helping us love and appreciate the moment we're in, it empowers us to see the good in every 'good'-bye, and helps us see the lessons we can take from every mis-'take'. Hold one by your heart - or keep one nearby - and you'll soon be waving your regrets goodbye.

Aquarius: Aquamarine

With a rich and magical history, this mesmerising crystal was cherished by the ancient Greeks and Romans, who believed the gems had fallen from the jewellery boxes of mermaids and sirens! Taking its name from the Latin words 'aqua marina', meaning 'water of the sea', it's often associated with the King of the Sea, Neptune, who is thought to have given the gem to mermaids as gifts. As such, it suggests someone may surprise you with a thoughtful gesture this week.

Pisces: Amber

This beautiful crystal is synonymous with the Goddess of Beauty, Freya, who is thought to have been so enamoured by an Amber necklace, she agreed to cheat on her husband in exchange for one! Sadly, this came at a cost, and her husband - outraged by her infidelity - fled the kingdom in rage. The goddess is said to roam the earth looking for him to this day - with her tears forming the Amber crystals we know today. As such, it suggests you may find yourself regretting a past mistake this week.

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