Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 16th - 22nd May 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 16th - 22nd May 2017

Aries: Ruby

This stunning crystal has bewitched the hearts of some of the world's greatest icons - from kings and queens, to Hollywood legends - for centuries, and will help you face any difficulties with a smile this week. Like Dorothy's ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz, it encourages you to rely on yourself (rather than others) for the love and approval you seek, and will help you realise that the key to the happiness and healing you've been seeking has been within you all along.

Taurus: Lapis Lazuli

Known as the 'stone of truth', this beautiful crystal is believed to have been one of Catherine the Great's favourite crystals. In fact, she was thought to have been so enamoured by the crystal that she adorned an entire room in her palace with it! Encouraging you to say what you mean and mean what you say, it suggests you may need to express your true feelings to a love interest, partner or boss to get what you really want (and so truly deserve) this week.

Gemini: Opal

This spellbinding crystal was once known as the 'queen of gems', but sadly had its name tarnished when a series of unfortunate events led many to believe it was unlucky. Fortunately, it's reputation was redeemed in the 14th century, and it's now one of the most highly prized gems in the world. Encouraging you not to lose faith this week, it reminds us that it's often the last key on the chain that unlocks the door - and helps us believe that if it can rise from its fall and un-tarnish its name, we can do the same.

Cancer: Hematite

You may find yourself feeling very pressured into doing something this week. Frustrating conversations with friends/family members and colleagues about when you're going to settle down/get married and/or have children are highly likely during this time, and you may find yourself wanting to hide (or throw a box of sage at someone!) Prevent their nosiness from getting you down this week by keeping a Hematite crystal nearby - or placing one in your home/work place.

L eo: Danburite

As one of the more recently discovered crystals, this beautiful gem encourages us to look for - and appreciate - the wonderful people around us this week. Meaningful conversations with strangers, deep heart to hearts with loved ones, and unexpected messages from long lost friends or family members can all be expected, and you may find yourself making friends - and possibly even meeting a soul mate - in the unlikeliest of places. 


Virgo: Diamond

With a rich and spellbinding history - steeped in magic and mystery - this awe-inspiring crystal has enchanted people for centuries. The crystal is even believed to have captured the heart of Cupid, who is thought to have been so bewitched by the crystal that he adorned the tips of his arrows with diamonds before shooting them at lovers. As such, it's thought to help us believe in ourselves and our choices as much as Cupid believed in his, and encourages you to believe in yourself wholeheartedly this week.


Libra: Malachite

You may find yourself feeling very emotionally drained by someone around you this week. Constant messages from needy friends, conflicts with insecure or possessive partners and unreasonable demands from family members are all likely this week, and you may find yourself wanting to throw your phone at someone! Protect yourself from their bad vibes and negative energy by wearing a Malachite bracelet - or attaching a piece to your phone.

Scorpio: Pyrite

This beautiful crystal suggests there may be a power struggle of some kind between you and a partner, parent or boss this week. Unwarranted criticism, constant scrutiny and manipulative or controlling behaviour can all be expected during this time, and you may feel like giving up and booking a one-way ticket to Timbuktu! Take back your power this week by placing a Pyrite crystal in your home or office. Then take a deep breath and leave the rest to karma.

Sagittarius: Epidote (a.k.a. Unakite)

This beautiful crystal takes its name from the Greek word 'epidosis', meaning 'coming together'. As such, it symbolises the coming together of two people this week. News about engagements, pregnancies and couples moving in together can all be expected, and new relationships, business partnerships and friendships are also likely. Focus on opening new doors (rather than reopening old ones) this week - as history will only repeat itself if you go backwards.


Capricorn: Zincite

This fabulous crystal is definitely the party queen of the crystal kingdom, and suggests you may find yourself at the top of everyone's guest list this week! Invitations to social events, breakfast/lunch and dinner dates with friends and loved ones, and last-minute holiday plans are all likely this week, and you may even catch the eye of an attractive admirer. Keep your energy sky high this week by wearing a piece of Zincite jewellery - or keeping one in your handbag.


Aquarius: Fluorite

Taking its name from the Latin word 'fleure', meaning 'to flow', this beautiful crystal is thought to bring order to chaos, happiness to sadness and passion to monotony. Encouraging you to go with the flow, it will give you the confidence, courage and inner-strength to graciously accept the situations you can't change or control this week - while gently empowering you to change the ones you can. Keep a Fluorite crystal nearby - or place one in your home or work place - to help you stay calm, centred and zen, no matter what's happening around you.


Pisces: Chrysoprase

This beautiful crystal was highly revered by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, and is thought to have been one of Alexander the Great's favourite crystals. In fact, he's said to have been so enchanted by the crystal that he refused to go into battle without one - and even attributed his 11 year winning streak to the crystal! Synonymous with luck, victory and success, it will help you overcome any battles you face this week, and help you rise from the ashes - like a Phoenix.


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