Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 18th - 24th June 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  18th - 24th June 2017

Aries: Black Tourmaline

With a rich and spellbinding history, this bewitching crystal has captured the hearts of everyone - from geologists and jewellers, to witches and shamans! - from as far back as the 18th century. Known as the 'gem of autumn', it's thought to heal what's broken in us, strengthen what's weak in us and reawaken the hope in us. Place one by a photo of yourself as a child to help you fall in love with every breath you take this week.

Taurus: Hematite

Synonymous with inner-peace and courage, this stunning crystal helps us appreciate the good and the bad, the happy and sad and every experience we've had. Encouraging you to love yourself wholeheartedly - and accept yourself unconditionally - it will empower you to turn your inner-scrutiny into inner-security this week. Simply hold one by your heart - or keep one nearby - and you'll soon be waving your insecurities goodbye.

Gemini: Moonstone

This enchanting crystal was highly prized by the ancient Romans, who believed the crystal was formed from magical drops of moonlight. Like the beautiful moon - which shines so brightly in the dark - it inspires us to shine brightly through our dark times, and keep believing there'll be brighter times. Encouraging you to wish upon a star - no matter how tired or hopeless you are - it will empower you to kiss your faith, marry your hope and avoid your fears this week.

Cancer: Selenite

This mesmerising crystal is named after the beautiful Moon Goddess 'Selene' - who is thought to have fallen in love with a mortal. Terrified of losing her beloved, the goddess is believed to have asked the gods to grant him eternal youth and mortality. Sadly, this came at a cost, and he was cast into an eternal slumber - remaining forever young, but asleep forever. As such, it suggests you may find yourself longing to get closer to someone who's emotionally (or literally) unavailable this week.

Leo: Turquoise

Prized for its magical properties for more than 7,000 years, this beautiful crystal was highly revered by the Native American Indians, who believed the cracks and lines on the crystal's surface were remnants of times when the gem - seeking to shield and protect us from any sticks and stones thrown at us - took the blows itself, cracking in the process. As such, it suggests you may find yourself trying to protect someone around you this week, and absorbing their sadness as a consequence.

Virgo: Chiastolite

This captivating crystal is often associated with the heartbreaking story of an Indian Warrior and Spanish young girl, who fell in love during a bitter conflict between the Spanish and Araucanian Indians. Sadly, the young couple were cruelly torn apart, and the young girl - believing her beloved had been killed - was utterly heartbroken. Her tears are thought to have been turned into crystals by the gods, forming what we now know as Chiastolite. As such, it suggests someone may try to come between you and someone you love this week.

Libra: Rhodonite

This beautiful crystal was highly revered by the ancient Russians, who nicknamed the stone 'orletz' - meaning 'eagle stone - after locals spotted the birds carrying it to their nests! Like these beautiful birds - which fly higher than than all the birds in the sky - it suggests you may need to rise above someone's petty behaviour this week. Reminding us that hurt people hurt people - and loving people love people - it will help you greet their bitterness with indifference this week.

Scorpio: Malachite

Synonymous with wisdom, healing and protection, this magical crystal was treasured by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, who would often crush the stone into little pieces and use it as eyeshadow! Cherished by everyone - from kings and queens, to pharaohs and midwives! - it encourages you to treat yourself like a queen, and believe in yourself like a king this week. Simply hold one by your heart - or keep one in your home - and you'll soon start feeling like a queen on a throne.

Sagittarius: Pink Moss 

Adorned with beautiful marks and patterns - resembling everything from plants and leaves, to flowers and trees - this beautiful crystal has captured people's hearts and minds for centuries, and is synonymous with healing, recovery and freedom. Encouraging us to water our faith, feed our  confidence and nurture our inner-belief, it will help you grow through what you've been through this week. Place one in your home - or hold one by your heart - to help you prepare for a wonderful new start.

Capricorn: White Howlite

Highly revered for its enchanting properties since the 19th century, this magical crystal was highly prized by ancient healers, who believed the spidery veins and lines on the crystal's surface symbolised the thoughts, worries and insecurities in our minds. Synonymous with inner peace and harmony, it will help you fall in love with your solitude this week, and is pretty much the equivalent of a hot bath, massage and cup of hot cocoa in a crystal!

Aquarius: Tiger's Eye

Like the beautiful animal its named after -which is so often overshadowed by the 'king of the jungle' the lion - you may find yourself feeling slightly intimidated by someone around you this week. Encouraging us to stand tall when we feel small - and rise when we fall - it will help you feel like the queen of your own jungle this week. Simply place one in your home -  or keep one on your desk - and this stunning crystal will do the rest.

Pisces: Sodalite

Speckled with tiny patches of white and grey - reminiscent of magical stars in the sky - this enchanting crystal is believed to have been one of Queen Mary's favourite crystals. In fact, the queen's thought to have been so enamoured by the crystal that she decorated one of her homes with 130 tonnes of it! Encouraging us to love and accept our beautiful imperfections - and helping us view ourselves with kindness and affection - it will help you love, cherish and value yourself as much as this beautiful queen loved this crystal this week.

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