Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 21st - 27th May 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  21st - 27th May 2017

Aries: Garnet

Taking its name from the Latin word 'granatum', meaning 'pomegranate', this stunning crystal is often associated with the Goddess Demeter, whose daughter was abducted into the Underworld and forced to stay there for six months every year after she ate the seeds of a pomegranate. The goddess is thought to mourn her absence every year during this time, creating what we now know as winter. As such, this beautiful crystal suggests your difficulties (like winter) are now coming to an end, and that summer - and your happiness - are on their way back to you.

Taurus: Amazonite

This beautiful crystal was highly revered by the ancient Egyptians, and is even believed to have captured the heart of Tutankhamen - who is thought to have been so enchanted by the crystal that he adorned parts of his legendary mask with it! Synonymous with luck, hope and good fortune, it suggests you may find yourself in exactly the right place at exactly the right time this week. Relationships, career opportunities and friendships may blossom in the unlikeliest of places, and a chance encounter could lead to everything you've been wishing for - and more.

Gemini: Moonstone

Known as the 'stone of lovers', this enchanting crystal represents the start of a new - and truly wonderful - period in your life. New relationships, pregnancies and marriage proposals can all be expected during this time, and love could even flourish between friends, colleagues and ex partners. Like the moon, which keeps part of itself hidden, this stunning crystal can also symbolise a secret love between two people, and you may find that someone you've been secretly admiring has been secretly admiring you too!

Cancer: Sugilite

Encouraging peace over war, faith over despair and forgiveness over anger, this beautiful is thought to have been created when the gods became so saddened by the world's suffering during the Second World War, they created the gem to bring hope to its people. As such, it encourages us to forgive those who've wronged us, and inspires us to celebrate the similarities - rather than differences - that unite us. Keep one in your home - or place one over a photo of someone who's hurt you - to help you forgive the pain they've caused you, and empower you to appreciate the lessons it's taught you.

Leo: Magnesite

Like the sun, you may have been trying to guide, support or lighten the way for someone around you recently, but might need to take a step back, and simply love them for who they are this week. Like this captivating crystal, which is so often covered in lines, cracks and dark patches, it encourages us to see and appreciate the beauty in others - no matter how broken, flawed or imperfect they may seem. Place one of these beautiful crystals over a photo of a loved one - or send them one as a gift - to help you love, accept and appreciate each other exactly the way you are.

Virgo: Sunstone

Synonymous with courage, independence and freedom, this stunning crystal suggests you may find yourself feeling a little trapped, suffocated or drained by someone around you this week. Like these beautiful crystals, which were once thought to be broken pieces of the sun, it suggests you've been giving too much of yourself to others lately - and have broken  yourself into pieces as a result. Prevent other people from draining your energy - and learn how to say no, and stick to it - by keeping one of these powerful crystals by your phone (or placing one by your front door).

Libra: Selenite

There may be some unexpected changes around you this week, and something - possibly a relationship or job - that may have seemed very stable and secure might be rocked in some way. Unpredictable behaviour from partners and love interests, unexpected changes at work and last-minute delays to plans can all be expected, and you may need to distance yourself from an unstable situation or person. Prepare for the unexpected - and keep calm and carry on - by keeping one of these beautiful crystals nearby (or placing one in your home or work place).

Scorpio: Petalite

Like the petals of a blossoming flower - which so beautifully learn to adapt, adjust and live harmoniously alongside each other - this mesmerising crystal encourages us to love, accept and adapt to the people around us. Disagreements with family members, friends and partners are all likely this week, and you may feel like someone around you - possibly a parent or sibling - is trying to provoke you. 

Dissolve the tension between you and your loved ones - and heal any past anger, resentment or bitterness between you - by placing a Petalite crystal beside a photo of you together (or sending them one as a gift).

Sagittarius: Amber

Boasting a rich and fascinating history, these spellbinding crystals were once thought to be the tears of grieving goddesses, who were mourning the loss or absence of a loved one. As such, this beautiful crystal suggests you may find yourself longing for someone from the past this week. Dreams about ex partners, memories of days gone by, and songs, photos or films that remind you of the past are all likely to leave you feeling a little nostalgic this week. Give yourself - and your heart - a little TLC this week by holding one of these beautiful crystals by your heart.

Capricorn: Emerald

Highly revered for its magical properties from as far back as 4,000BC, this captivating crystal is thought to have been one of Elizabeth Taylor's favourite crystals. In fact, the actress is believed to have been so enchanted by the crystal that one of her husband's bought her an entire suite of them! Like this beautiful actress - who married, divorced and then remarried the love of her life Richard Burton - this stunning crystal suggests someone from the past may re-enter your life this week. Declarations of love from ex partners, unexpected messages from old love interests and chance encounters with first loves are all likely, and you may find yourself rekindling a relationship with someone very special.

Aquarius: Pyrite

You may see a very different side to someone around you this week, and find yourself questioning whether they're really as wonderful, loyal and trustworthy as they seem. Hidden truths about friends, unexpected behaviour from family members and surprising revelations about partners/love interests may leave you feeling a little unsettled this week, and you may find yourself questioning whether someone is really as genuine as they seem. Sadly, like this beautiful crystal - which is so often confused with real gold - they may have fooled you into believing they're something they're not.

Pisces: Sapphire

A new - any mysterious - person could enter your life this week, and you may find yourself feeling very drawn to them very quickly. Deep and powerful connections with new love interests, friends and colleagues are all likely during this time, and you may find yourself revealing your deepest, darkest secrets to someone you barely know. Avoid rushing into things - and take your time opening up to others - as everything may not be as it seems this week. Keep a Sapphire crystal nearby - or place one in your bra - to prevent you from  rushing into anything you may later regret.

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