Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 25th June - 1st July 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  25th June - 1st July 2017

Aries: Amber

Known as the 'stone for the grieving and lonely', this beautiful crystal is synonymous with the heartbreaking story of the Sun God's son, Phaethon, who - having convinced his father to let him ride his chariot across the sun - was tragically struck by lightening and killed. His sisters' tears are thought to have been turned into crystals by the gods, forming what we now know as Amber. As such, it suggests you may find yourself mourning the absence of someone you love this week.

Taurus: Amethyst

This captivating crystal is often associated with King Edward VIII, who is thought to have abdicated his throne - and abandoned his life as a king - to marry the woman he loved. The besotted young king is said to have gifted his bride hundreds of jewels during their 35 years together - including a beautiful Amethyst necklace, which she prized and cherished till her dying day. As such, it suggests you may need to sacrifice something for someone you love this week.

Gemini: Green Fluorite

This stunning crystal has captivated the hearts of everyone - from writers and philosophers, to geologists and healers - for centuries, and is often associated with the Hindu Goddess, Annapurna. Like this beautiful goddess - who is often depicted carrying a jar of food in one hand, and a spoon in the other - it encourages us to love and nurture ourselves (as much as we love and nurture the people around us), and will empower you to treat yourself like a goddess this week.

Cancer: Heliotrope

Like the beautiful flower it's named after - which twists and turns to follow the sun (like a sunflower) - this enchanting crystal encourages us to stay as loyal, committed and devoted to our happiness as a sunflower is to the sun. Encouraging us to see and appreciate the flowers (rather than weeds) in every garden - and helping us see and appreciate the beauty (rather than flaws) in our reflection - it will help you love and cherish yourself as much as these beautiful flowers cherish the sun this week.

Leo: Blue Goldstone

Prized for its magical properties from as far back as the 17th century, this mesmerising crystal is synonymous with hope, healing and protection. Like a beautiful rainbow after a storm - or a warrior rising after they fall - it's thought to give hope to the hopeless, joy to the joyless, and turn sadness into happiness. Speckled with tiny pieces of glitter - resembling a starry sky at night - it will watch over you (like a guardian angel) and help you feel protected this week. 

Virgo: Smoky Quartz

Symbolising the arrival of spring after winter - and the return of your joy, happiness and laughter - this beautiful crystal signifies the end of sadness, and return of happiness. Encouraging us to let go of what's gone - and giving us faith in what's to come - it symbolises the light at the end of a very long and challenging tunnel. Synonymous with hope, healing and rebirth, it suggests you and your happiness will be reunited again very soon.

Libra: Jade

With a rich and fascinating history spanning more than 6,000 years, these magical crystals were highly prized by the ancient Buddhists, who believed these beautiful crystals were the sacred tears of their beloved Buddha. Often associated with the Roman Goddess Bona Dea - who is thought to protect, guide and liberate suffering women - it suggests you may find yourself wanting to help, protect or 'rescue' a female around you this week, and absorbing their sorrow as a result.

Scorpio: Malachite

Capturing people's hearts and minds with its magical properties for centuries, this stunning crystal was adored by the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, who believed the crystal could help them with everything - from protecting them from witches and sorcery, to helping them find love and attract money! Synonymous with protection, it suggests you may find yourself wanting to protect a friend, colleague or loved one from a toxic person around them this week.

Sagittarius: Lapis Lazuli

This mesmerising crystal was highly revered by artists and painters during the Renaissance period - many of whom would crush the crystal into tiny pieces, and use it to paint with! Like these enchanting artists - who spent their lifetimes creating the most wonderful masterpieces - it reminds us that we're the painters of our own destinies, and will help you distance yourself from anyone who dulls the colourful landscape of your life this week.

Capricorn: Black Tourmaline

Thought to be one of the most protective crystals in the world, this beautiful crystal suggests you may need to shield yourself from someone's negative energy this week. Draining conversations with needy friends, constant whining from loved ones, and upsetting encounters with rude strangers could leave you feeling very unsettled, and you may find yourself wanting to throw a bottle of protection mist at someone! Protect your energy by keeping a Black Tourmaline nearby.

Aquarius: Aventurine

Like a warm blanket on a rainy day - or cup of hot cocoa after a tiring day - this beautiful crystal is thought to gently calm and comfort your body and mind, and help you leave your worries behind. Encouraging us to be kinder, nicer and gentler to ourselves, it will empower you to become your own hero, soul mate and best friend this week. Simply hold one by your heart - or keep one nearby - and you'll soon be waving your worries goodbye.

Pisces: Turquoise

These stunning crystals were cherished by the Native Americans, who believed the crystals were magical pieces of the sky that had fallen to the Earth. Like these beautiful crystals - which entered our lives in the most wonderful way - this enchanting crystal suggests someone very special may enter your life this week. Symbolising a friend - or partner - who seems heaven sent, it represents the start of a very special relationship.

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