Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 30th April - 6th May 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  30th April - 6th May 2017

Naz's weekly Crystal Horoscope

Aries: Rose Quartz

You may need to protect yourself from other people's negativity this week. Fall in love with your mind, body and soul by placing a Rose Quartz crystal under your pillow (or keeping one by your make-up mirror). The crystal's thought to help you love, honour and appreciate yourself - as much as your loved ones do - and will protect you from other people's harsh words and criticism this week. 

Taurus: Morganite

This beautiful crystal is an absolute must for anyone seeking to find their Mr (or Miss) right this week. Simply place one in your bra - or wear a Morganite necklace by your heart - to maximise your chances of attracting a new partner. The gem's also thought to spice up existing relationships, and is perfect for anyone seeking to bring back - or intensify - the passion with their partner this week.

Gemini: Jade

Encourage your friendships to blossom this week by harnessing the magical power of this crystal. Simply place one beside a photo of you and your friends - or keep one in your home - to deepen the bond between you. Alternatively, if you'd like to make some new friends this week, simply write a list of everything you're looking for in a friend, place it by your window - with a Jade crystal on top - and leave the rest to the universe.

Cancer: Rhodochrosite

Prized for its mesmerising properties from as far back as the 13th century, this beautiful crystal will help you overcome any dark - or difficult - patches with your loved ones this week. Simply hold one of these stunning crystals over a photo of your loved one (while saying their name three times) - or send them one with a bunch of flowers and/or card - to rebuild and nurture the bond between you.

Leo: Rhodonite

Synonymous with love, healing and forgiveness, this beautiful crystal suggests you may need to forgive someone for their past actions - and the pain they caused you - this week. Fortunately, there's a gem for that! Simply place a Rhodonite crystal under your pillow - or hold one by your heart for a few minutes before bed - to wash away your sadness and sorrow, and help you move on to a brighter tomorrow.

Virgo: Opalite

Synonymous with success, this enchanting crystal suggests your hard work - and dedication - will pay off this week. Give Lady Luck a helping hand this week by treating yourself to one of our beautiful Opalite angels and placing it in your office. The gem's thought to maximise your career luck, and will help you wow your bosses (and/or potential clients) this week.

Libra: Blue Lace Agate

This beautiful crystal suggests there may be some misunderstandings between you and your loved ones this week. Avoid petty arguments with your partner, friends and loved ones by keeping one of these pretty crystal's nearby. The crystal's thought to protect and nurture the bond between loved ones, and will instantly dissolve any tension between you.

Scorpio: Amazonite

Known as the 'stone of courage', this stunning crystal is thought to be named after a fearless tribe of female warriors - known as the Amazonians - whose formidable bravery and courage was thought to have struck fear into the hearts of the bravest of men. As such, it's a wonderful crystal to work with when you're seeking to stand your ground with others, and will give you the courage to say no - and stick to it! -this week.

Sagittarius: Garnet

Captivating people's hearts and minds with its enchanting powers from as far back as 3,000BC, this beautiful crystal is thought to rekindle the flame between old partners, and suggests someone very special from your past may re-enter your life this week. Thought to heal the broken bond between lovers, it's the perfect crystal for anyone seeking to reconnect  with an ex-partner this week.

Capricorn: Kyanite

You may find yourself stuck in the middle of a disagreement between your loved ones, friends or colleagues this week. Prevent their petty squabbles and silly arguments from getting you down by keeping one of these pretty crystals nearby. The gem's thought to nurture, heal and harmonise relations between others, and will help you keep calm and carry on - no matter what's going on around you!

Aquarius: Smoky Quartz

You may need to be a little more careful with your finances this week. Prevent yourself from overspending - and learn how to say no and stick to it the next time a fabulous handbag comes along - by keeping a Smoky Quartz crystal in your handbag (or placing one in your purse). The gem's an absolute must for shopaholics, and will prevent you from splashing the cash this week.

Pisces: Amethyst:

This beautiful crystal is ideal for anyone seeking to protect themselves or their homes/loved ones from negative energy this week. Simply keep one nearby - or send one to a family member or friend - to help you and your loved ones overcome any toxic relationships, harmful habits or negative thinking patterns sabotaging your happiness and wellbeing this week.

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