Naz’s Crystal Horoscopes

Naz’s Crystal Horoscopes

Aries: Alexandrite

This beautiful crystal has enchanted the world with its spellbinding beauty since the early 19th century, and is thought to have been discovered when a group of hardworking miners mistook the gem for an emerald! Mesmerised by its enchanting colour – which turned from green to red, and back again – they were instantly bewitched by its beauty. Symbolising truth, it suggests you may need to be very careful what you say to a two-faced individual around you this week.

Taurus: Sardonyx

Combining the powers of two of the world’s most beautiful crystals (Onyx and Orange Carnelian), this stunning crystal has captured the hearts of everyone – from queens and princesses, to earls and actresses – for centuries, and is thought to have been one of Queen Elizabeth I’s favourite crystals. Synonymous with friendship and protection, it suggests there could be a misunderstanding between you and a friend this week.

Gemini: Jades

With a rich and fascinating history, this enchanting crystal was highly prized by the ancient Chinese, who believed the gem would grow deeper and darker in colour, the more it liked and adored its wearer! Known as a ‘stone of friendship and love’, it suggests the bond between you and a friend or partner could deepen this week. Nurture the trust between you – and celebrate their faith in you – by sending them a Jade as a gift.

Cancer: Citrine

Symbolising love and happiness, this captivating crystal is often associated with the Greek Goddess of Harvest, Demeter – who is thought to have been so heartbroken when her daughter was abducted by an evil god, she left the world in famine! Like this heartbroken goddess – whose sadness left the rest of the world in darkness – this powerful crystal suggests a friend or loved one’s negativity could really affect you too this week.

Leo: Sodalite

Prized for its bewitching properties since the 19th century, this stunning crystal was highly revered by ancient sculptors, painters and artists – who would often use its spellbinding colour to paint images of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael! Known as a ‘Stone of Communication’, it suggests you may find yourself questioning someone’s honesty this week. Protect your heart and mind – and leave their negativity behind – by keeping a Sodalite nearby. 

Virgo: Peridot 

Mesmerising the hearts of everyone (from writers and philosophers, to kings and emperors!), this stunning crystal is often associated with the Roman Goddess of Peace, Pax – who is thought to have been so devoted to bringing others together, she carried an olive branch wherever she went! Like this selfless goddess – who spent her lifetime trying to reunite others – this beautiful crystal suggests you may need to extend an olive branch to someone around you this week.

Libra: Hematite

Known as a stone of strength, courage and protection, this beautiful crystal was highly prized by the Native Americans – who would often crush the gems into little pieces, and use them as war paint! Synonymous with the Roman God of War, Mars – who was renowned for his fiery temper – it suggests you could find yourself feeling very on edge around a friend or loved one this week. Prevent their negativity from leaving you teary by keeping a Hematite nearby. 

Scorpio: Coral

This mesmerising crystal is often associated with the heartbreaking story of a young maiden (named Medusa), who was turned into a hideous monster by an angry goddess! Like this hot-headed goddess – who is thought to have been utterly repulsed by the young girl’s vanity - this enchanting crystal suggests a friend, colleague or family member could frustrate you with their self-involved behaviour this week. Cast their negativity aside by keeping a Coral by your side.

Sagittarius: Cinnabar

Taking its name from the Persian word for ‘dragon’s blood’, this beautiful crystal is thought to help with everything – from boosting your confidence and attracting money, to lifting your spirits and helping you bond with your family! Known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’, it’s often associated with the Roman God of Finance, Mercury – due to its high mercury content – and suggests you could receive some unexpected cash this week. 

Capricorn: Pink Tourmaline

Thought to bathe our hearts in love and kindness – and gently remove any hurt or sadness – this enchanting crystal has charmed the world with its beauty for centuries, and takes its name from the Sinhalese word ‘turamali’, meaning ‘something small from the earth’. Synonymous with love and kindness, it suggests a friend, colleague or loved one may surprise you with a very kind and thoughtful gesture this week.

Aquarius: Rose Quartz

Like the enchanting flower it’s named after – which is so often given as a symbol of love – this stunning crystal suggests a friend or loved one may need your love and support this week. Deep and meaningful heart-to-hearts with friends and family members may leave you feeling very emotional, and an honest conversation with someone you love could really pull at your heartstrings too.

Pisces: Ametrine

Synonymous with inner-strength, this captivating crystal is thought to have been discovered by a young Spanish conqueror – who discovered the gem in South America, and brought it to Europe as a gift for the Spanish queen after she kindly allowed him to marry a Bolivian princess! Like this brave young man – whose fate lied in the hands of a queen – this beautiful crystal suggests a friend or partner could unsettle you with their controlling behaviour this week.

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