Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 3rd - 9th September 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  3rd - 9th September 2017

Aries: Spirit Quartz

This beautiful crystal is often associated with the Aztec Goddess Ixcuina - who is thought to have been so devoted to healing the world's suffering, she spent her lifetime forgiving other people for their sins. Like this brave goddess - who is thought to have forgiven even the darkest of sins - this mesmerising crystal suggests you may need to forgive someone for their wrongful behaviour too this week. Wave your anger goodbye by keeping a Spirit Quartz nearby.

Taurus: Peridot

Known as the 'stone of protection', this enchanting crystal was highly prized by the ancient Egyptians, who would often string the gems onto donkey hairs and tie them around their left arms to protect themselves from evil! Often associated with the Hawaiian Goddess of Fire, Pele - who was renowned for her fiery temper and jealousy - it suggests you may need to shield yourself from someone's fiery temper and jealousy too this week.

Gemini: Carnelian

Prized for its magical properties for centuries, this captivating crystal has captured the hearts of everyone - from kings and queens, to jewellers and craftsmen - and is thought to have been one of Napolean's favourite crystals. Like this brave emperor - who is thought to have passed his beloved Carnelian ring to his nephew - this stunning crystal suggests someone may surprise you with a very thoughtful gift or gesture too this week.

Cancer: Pyrite

Like a shot of coffee waking you up in the morning - or loved one in heaven sending you a sign as a warning - this mesmerising crystal suggests there could be a heated exchange between you and a loved one this week. Emotional heart to hearts with loved ones may leave you feeling very drained, and someone's harsh words about your recent behaviour could leave you feeling very guilty too. Take it in your stride - and hold on to your pride - by keeping a Pyrite by your side.

Leo: Rose Quartz

This enchanting crystal was highly revered by the ancient Egyptians, who would often rub the gem around their cheeks and eyes to enhance their beauty and prevent them from ageing! Known as the 'stone of love', it's synonymous with the Goddess Astarte - who is thought to watch over loved ones, and nurture their love for each other. As such, it suggests there may be some tension between you and a family member this week. Dissolve the animosity between you by keeping a Rose Quartz nearby.

Virgo: Citrine

With a rich and magical history, this stunning crystal is thought to help you with everything - from attracting money and improving your work life, to brightening your mood and removing cellulite! Like the joyful sight of a warm summer's day - or the wonderful feeling of someone you love looking your way - this beautiful crystal suggests someone very special may bring a lot of joy and happiness into your life this week. Keep your spirits high by keeping a Citrine close by.

Libra: Celestite

Like a guardian angel protecting you from danger - or words of wisdom from a friend or partner - this bewitching crystal suggests a friend, partner or loved one may try to protect you from a toxic person around you this week. Shocking truths about friends, colleagues and new acquaintances may leave you feeling very cautious, and someone's darker side could be revealed too. Protect your heart and mind from their negativity and lies by keeping a Celestite by your side.

Scorpio: Aquamarine

This beautiful crystal was cherished by the ancient Romans, who would often carve images of little frogs onto the gems to turn their enemies into friends! Like this bewitching crystal - which is thought to turn the greatest of rivals into the best of friends - this enchanting crystal suggests you may need to build bridges with someone around you this week. Heal and nurture the bond between you - and dissolve the resentment between you - by placing an Aquamarine by their photo.

Sagittarius: Amazonite

Synonymous with courage and bravery, this captivating crystal is often associated with the Native American Goddess of Change, Estsanatlehi - who is thought to have been so desperate to hold onto her youth, she'd turn herself into a young woman every time she aged! Like this beautiful goddess - who tried so desperately to hold onto the past - this beautiful crystal suggests you may find yourself longing for something - or someone - from the past too this week. 

Capricorn: Watermelon Tourmaline

Synonymous with inner-peace and healing, this mesmerising crystal is thought to fill your heart with peace and serenity, and help you fall in love with yourself wholeheartedly. Thought to soothe and calm the heart and mind - and help you leave your worries behind - it's pretty much the equivalent of a reiki session in a crystal, and will help you feel as zen as the Dalai Lama this week. Simply hold one by your heart - or keep one nearby - and you'll soon be waving your stress away. 

Aquarius: Smoky Quartz

Highly revered for its enchanting properties for centuries, this stunning crystal is often associated with the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft, Hecate - who is often depicted as an old hag stirring a cauldron! Like this spellbinding goddess - who was once thought to be one of the most powerful goddesses in history, but sadly had her reputation tarnished over the centuries - this beautiful crystal suggests someone may try to stir things between you and a loved one this week.

Pisces: Hematite

With a fascinating history - spanning more than 3,000 years - this mesmerising crystal has captivated people's hearts and minds for centuries, and was once thought to be so powerful it could make stone walls fall! Known as a stone of courage, strength and inner-power, it suggests someone's hard or tough exterior may leave you feeling very anxious this week. Warm their heart with your loveliness - and melt their iciness - by keeping a Hematite crystal nearby.

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