Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 4th - 10th June 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  4th - 10th June 2017

Aries: Rhodochrosite

Taking its name from the Greek words 'rhodos' and 'khros', meaning 'rose coloured', this enchanting crystal is synonymous with love, freedom and healing. Like a beautiful flower shedding its leaves in autumn, it encourages us to let go of anything - or anyone - preventing us from blossoming into our happiest and healthiest selves. Place one over a photo of yourself as a child to help you remember how truly wonderful - and worthy of love and happiness - you are.

Taurus: Muscovite

With a rich and fascinating history dating back to the 14th century, this stunning crystal is thought to help with everything - from making your hair shinier and eyes sparklier, to helping you lose weight and look prettier! Encouraging us to find the love and approval we're seeking within, it will empower you to feel happy, loved and whole - with or without a partner at home. Fall in love with your mind, body and soul this week by holding one by your heart, and giving yourself a wink in the mirror.

Gemini: Rhodonite

Highly revered for its enchanting properties from as far back as the 18th century, this captivating crystal is synonymous with love, forgiveness and healing. Encouraging us to forgive those who've wronged us - and helping us heal the pain, sadness and heartache they've caused us - it reminds us that how other people treat us is their karma - and that how we respond is our own. Turn your pain into gain this week by placing one under your pillow, or holding one by your heart.

Cancer: Charoite

This mesmerising crystal was first discovered in the 1940s, and takes its name from the Russian word 'chary', meaning 'magic'. Known as the 'stone of transformation and power', it encourages you to turn what could break you into a breakthrough, and will help you turn any lemons life throws at you this week into the most fabulous lemon cupcakes! Simply place one under your pillow - or hold one by your heart for a few minutes each night.

Leo: Agate

Adorned with beautiful lines, spirals and patterns - resembling everything from angels and landscapes, to Mother Mary and Jesus! - this stunning crystal has enchanted people's hearts for centuries, and is known as the 'stone of courage, hope and healing'. Encouraging us to love and appreciate the magical qualities that make us so wonderfully unique, it will help you cheat on your fears, divorce your insecurities and love yourself wholeheartedly this week.

Virgo: Kyanite

Synonymous with healing and protection, this spellbinding crystal was highly revered by ancient travellers, who believed the crystal would watch over them - like a guardian angel - and guide them to their destinations. As such, its a wonderful crystal to work with when you're feeling lost, confused or hopeless, and is pretty much the equivalent of having your very own life coach, guru and healer in a crystal! Simply place one under your pillow - or keep one nearby - and you'll soon be waving your confusion goodbye.

Libra: Smithsonite

This mesmerising crystal is often associated with the Goddess Kuan Yin, who is thought to have been so passionate about helping others that she was given a thousand arms so she could help as many as possible! Like this beautiful goddess, you may feel like a thousand different people want a thousand different things from you this week, and could find yourself wishing you had a thousand arms too! Send them your love and healing by writing their names on a piece of paper, and placing a Smithsonite crystal on top. Then leave the rest to Kuan Yin.

Scorpio: Rose Quartz

Known as the 'stone of love', this stunning crystal has been highly prized for its magical properties from as far back as 600BC, and has even been known to shatter into pieces to protect people from danger! Symbolising love, healing and compassion, it will save you from your own harmful thoughts this week, and empower you to look your inner-bully in the eye - and wave it bye bye! Simply place one of these beautiful crystals over a photo of yourself - or keep one by your make up mirror.

Sagittarius: Jasper

This bewitching crystal was adored by the ancient Egyptians, who believed it could help them with everything - from enhancing their beauty and making them fearless, to attracting good fortune and helping them become famous! A stone of peace, healing and serenity, it encourages you to love, nurture and pamper yourself like a movie star this week, and will empower you to switch off your phone, and enjoy some time alone. Simply hold one by your heart - or keep one nearby.

Capricorn: Diamond

With a magical history - steeped in myth and mystery - these stunning crystals were once thought to be the tears of gods, and have even been known to lose their sparkle to protect their wearers from liars and cheaters! Formed under immense pressure - yet stronger than any other gemstone in the world - these beautiful crystals remind us that we're stronger than we believe, and can achieve anything our hearts and minds conceive. Turn your fearfulness into fearlessness this week by wearing a piece of diamond jewellery.

Aquarius: Moldavite

This beautiful crystal is thought to have been created when a giant meteorite struck the Earth 14.8 million years ago. Like this beautiful crystal - which is now millions of miles from home - you may find yourself feeling slightly homesick this week. Fears about getting older, memories from childhood and worries about losing the people you love could leave you feeling very emotional, and you may find yourself longing for something - or someone - from the past. 

Pisces: Garnet

Known as the 'warrior's stone', this stunning crystal was highly prized by the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians, and is even thought to have been the only source of light on Noah's Ark in the Bible! As such, it's thought to guide, support and help us through the darker times in our lives, and will turn you from a 'worrier' into a 'warrior' this week! Simply place one in your bedroom - or hold one for a few minutes each day - and your worries will soon fade away.

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