Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 7th - 13th May

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes  7th - 13th May

Naz's weekly Crystal Horoscope 

Aries: Sugilite

Known as the 'healer's stone', this beautiful crystal represents the end of a very dark - and difficult - time in your life. Symbolising the light at the end of a very long (and challenging) tunnel, it suggests your hopes and prayers will soon be answered. Synonymous with hope and healing, it encourages you to see the lessons and blessings in your heartbreak, and will soon turn your hopelessness into hopefulness. 

Taurus: Red Tourmaline

This stunning crystal suggests there may be an emotional challenge of some kind this week. Disagreements with partners, difficult decisions about friends and family members and misunderstandings with colleagues can all be expected, and you may find yourself feeling overly sensitive or emotional. Keep one of these beautiful crystals nearby to give you the confidence, courage and clarity to put your own needs and happiness first this week.

Gemini: Magnesite

Synonymous with inner truth and harmony, this beautiful crystal encourages you to fall deeply in love with yourself this week. Often dyed to resemble Turquoise, it encourages us to be our best - and truest - selves, and helps us love and cherish our time alone as much as we treasure the time we spend with loved ones. Plan a date night for yourself (and one of these crystals) this week - such as a trip to the cinema, or meal in a restaurant - to help you remember how special you are.

Cancer: Apophyllite

Other people may try to interfere with your relationships this week, and you may find yourself falling out with loved ones as a result. Protect yourself and your loved ones from other people's nosiness and meddling by placing one of these beautiful crystals by your front door - or keeping one by your window. The crystal's thought to watch over you and your loved ones (like a guardian angel), and will protect the love between you.

Leo: Sunstone

Highly revered for its enchanting powers for centuries, this wonderful crystal is an absolute must for anyone who finds it difficult saying no to others. Prevent other people from taking advantage of your kindness this week by holding one of these stunning crystals the next time someone asks you for a lift/loan or favour of some kind. Then close your eyes, count to three, and say 'hell no!'

Virgo: Fluorite

Thought to attract butterflies (yes really!), this stunning crystal suggests you may need to be a little wary of the people you attract this week - as there may be some charlatans around you. Any declarations of undying love, overly generous promises from friends or loved ones, or offers that seem too good to be true should be taken with a pinch of salt during this time - as anything that seems too good to be true this week probably is!

Libra: Carnelian

You may need to stand your ground and defend your beliefs this week, and there may be some jealous people around you too. Protect yourself from other people's bad vibes and negativity by wearing a Carnelian bracelet each day - or keeping one in your home or work place. The crystal's thought to shield you from other people's ill wishes and jealousy, and will give you the confidence to keep being fabulous (no matter how negative, critical or petty they are).

Scorpio: Moonstone

You may find yourself feeling very affected by the emotions, actions and behaviour of those around you this month, and there may be some challenges with a female relative - possibly a mother, sister or daughter. Guard your heart and emotions (like treasured gems) this week by holding one of these beautiful crystals by your heart. The crystal's thought to calm and balance your emotions, and will protect you from other people's hurtful words and actions this week.

Sagittarius: Jasper

Known as the 'stone of nurturing', this comforting crystal suggests there may be a love triangle between you and two other people this week, or a situation - such as a job opportunity, friendship or competition - where you find yourself competing with another person for something or someone. Swing the odds in your favour by keeping a Red Jasper nearby. The crystal's thought to protect you from jealous rivals, and will help you claim and keep what's rightly yours.

Capricorn: Charoite

A stone of hope, courage and reassurance, this beautiful crystal is thought to comfort the lonely, give hope to the poorly and bring peace to the troubled. A wonderful crystal for anyone who's going through a dark or challenging time in their lives (such as a divorce, bereavement or job loss), it's the perfect crystal to give a loved one or friend when they're struggling. It also suggests that you may hear some news about an old friend or love interest this week.

Aquarius: Malachite

This powerfully protective crystal suggests you may need to face a fear or phobia of some kind this week. Encouraging you to feel the fear and do it anyway, this stunning crystal will give you the courage to look your fear in the eye - and give it a wink! Simply hold one of these beautiful crystals in your hand, while saying your fears out loud. Then leave the crystal outdoors overnight, and leave the rest to your guides and angels.

Pisces: Rose Quartz

Synonymous with love, beauty and healing, this mesmerising crystal encourages you to open your heart to others this week. Meaningful conversations with loved ones, new love interests and deeper commitments in relationships (including engagements, pregnancies and declarations of love) can all be expected this week, and love will definitely be all around you.

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