Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 9th - 15th July 2017

Naz's Crystal Horoscopes 9th - 15th July 2017

Aries: Muscovite
This stunning crystal is often associated with the Chinese Health Goddess Ho Hsien Ku, who is thought to have been granted eternal health and happiness after eating a piece of Muscovite! Like this beautiful goddess - who so selflessly spent her days gathering fruit for her mum - this enchanting crystal helps you love and nurture your body and mind (like a mother nurturing a child), and will help you cherish yourself as much as Ho Hsien Ku cherished her mum this week.

Taurus: Unakite
Like a beautiful field of enchanting flowers - or jar full of crystals with their own unique powers - this magical crystal encourages us to love and appreciate the wonderful qualities that make us so unique. Gently planting the seeds of love, kindness and compassion in our hearts, it lovingly waters them with its magical powers, and helps us blossom into our happiest - and healthiest - selves. Fall in love with your reflection this week by holding one by your heart.

Gemini: Larimar
Like a glistening candle gently flickering - or the scent of incense silently burning - this magical crystal is synonymous with love and healing. Discovered in the early 20th century, it's thought to have been named by a local Dominican - who combined his daughter's name, 'Larissa', with the Spanish word 'mar', meaning sea, to create the enchanting name we call the gem today. As such, it suggests you may need to show someone how much you love them (like he did) this week.

Cancer: Azurite
Known as the 'stone of heaven', this stunning crystal was highly revered during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and was often ground into pieces and used as dye, paint and eye shadow. Encouraging a 'la vie en rose' (life is rosy) view of the world, it empowers us to see and appreciate the beauty around us, and will help you stop counting the moments - and start making the moments count this week. Wear one everyday to help you fall more in love with the world each day.

Leo: Aragonite
This stunning crystal is often associated with the Sun Goddess Amaterasu, who is thought to have been so ashamed of her brother (the storm god) - and the terror he inflicted - that she fled from the Earth in shame, leaving the world in darkness. Luckily, a selfless goddess came to her rescue, and with a little love and kindness Amaterasu returned to the Earth, bringing light to the world once again. As such, it suggests you may need to help someone through a dark time too this week.

Virgo: Onyx
With a spellbinding history dating back to 250BC, this beautiful crystal is often associated with Queen Victoria - who is thought to have worn the gem every day for 40 years after her husband died. Synonymous with healing, it's thought to gently piece together our broken hearts, and help us believe in love again. Symbolising the start of a new and happier chapter in your life, it will empower you to break up with your sadness, and start flirting with happiness this week.

Libra: Staurolute
These breathtaking crystals were once thought to be the sacred tears of heartbroken Cherokee Indians, who were forced to leave their homeland in the 1800s. Their tears are thought to have been turned into crystals by the gods, forming what we now know as Staurolite. Like these brave people - who were so sadly forced to leave the land they loved - this beautiful crystal suggests you may need to walk away from something or someone you love too this week.

Scorpio: Peridot
Thought to shine the brightest in the darkness - and turn sadness into happiness - this bewitching crystal has captivated people's hearts and minds for centuries. Known as the 'stone of the sun', it's said to have been one of Cleopatra's favourite crystals, and is even thought to lose its colour to warn us of danger! Like the sun - which so selflessly shares its light with the moon - it suggests someone may drain your colourful spirit by taking advantage of your kindness this week.

Sagittarius: Amethyst
This enchanting crystal is often associated with the Greek Goddess Artemis, who is thought to have selflessly devoted her life to protecting women and children. Like this beautiful goddess - who is thought to have bewitched the heart of every man she met - this stunning crystal suggests you may attract an unwanted admirer this week. Thought to protect and watch over you - like this brave goddess watched over women and children - it will protect you from any unwanted advances this week.

Capricorn: Cat's Eye
Like the beautiful animal it's named after - which so selflessly guards and protects its family and home - this mesmerising crystal suggests you may need to protect someone you love from a toxic person around them this week. Synonymous with love, healing and compassion, it's pretty much the equivalent of a guardian angel in a crystal, and will help you protect your friends and loved ones - like these courageous animals protect their guardians - this week.

Aquarius: Moss Agate
This beautiful crystal is often associated with the Roman Goddess Aurora, who is thought to have been so terrified of losing the man she loved, she asked Zeus to make him immortal! Sadly, this came at a cost, and although the Goddess was granted her wish, she'd forgotten to ask for his eternal youth too, and was forced to watch the man she loved age before her eyes. As such, it suggests you may find yourself feeling very anxious about losing the people you love this week.

Pisces: Rhodochrosite
Like a beautiful flower gently blossoming - or the sun in the morning loyally rising -
this magical crystal is synonymous with new beginnings and growth. Encouraging us to live like there's no tomorrow - and and helping us open our hearts like we've never known sorrow - it's thought to help us fall in love with the world again. Hold one by your heart - or place one by a photo of yourself as a child - to help you remember how truly wonderful - and worthy of healing and happiness - you are.

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