Naz’s crystal horoscopes May

Naz’s crystal horoscopes May

As the world around us slows downs, and the future seems so uncertain, many of us may feel like our faith is being tested right now. The following crystals are ideal for times when you need to hold on to your hope.

Rose Quartz

Synonymous with unconditional love, this beautiful crystal is thought to help you feel loved, protected and safe. Try holding one by your heart for a few minutes each night, and affirming ‘I am loved and protected by the universe and my guides’. Alternatively, place one by a photo of your loved ones, and imagine it surrounding them with your love.


Known as the crystal for the ‘lonely and grieving’, this mesmerising crystal is ideal for anyone who’s feeling very lonely or isolated right now. Simply wear an amber necklace, or hold a piece by your heart to help you feel supported by the universe, and less alone. Or, if there’s a friend or loved one who’s feeling lonely right now, order them an amber necklace as a gift.


This enchanting crystal is often referred to as ‘the nurturer’, and is thought to gently wash all your worries away. Simply place one under your pillow, or hold one in your palm, to help you feel calmer. You could also keep a few pieces of Jasper in your home to create a comforting atmosphere around you, and help you feel safe and protected.

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