Naz's Weekly Crystal Horoscope

Naz's Weekly Crystal Horoscope

Naz's weekly Crystal Horoscope

Aries: Hematite

This beautiful crystal suggests you may find yourself feeling overly anxious or self-critical this week. Situations from the past - particularly ex-partners, or insecurities you thought you'd overcome - may resurface. Avoid repeating the same actions with the same people (or falling into old habits) and expecting a different outcome - as history will only repeat itself.

Taurus: Malachite

Taking its name from the Hebrew word 'Malachi', meaning 'my angel', this stunning crystal suggests you may find yourself feeling very weighed down or burdened by your responsibilities (or a relationship) this week. Appearing - like an angel - to remind us to love and cherish ourselves (as much as we do others), it encourages us to let go of any situations, relationships or thinking patterns causing us upset.

Gemini: Clear Quartz

Known as 'the master healer', this extremely powerful crystal is thought to have been created when the gods turned little drops of water into pieces of ice, and is therefore believed to represent anything - from our relationships, to our jobs - solidifying. Promotions, engagements and pregnancies can all be expected this week, and your hopes and prayers will soon be answered. 

Cancer: Amber

You may find yourself feeling a little down, overly sensitive or like you've lost your sparkle this week. Prized for its mesmerising qualities from as far back as the Stone Age, this mesmerising crystal was once believed to enhance its wearer's natural beauty, and encourages us to adorn ourselves with a little extra kindness, self love and patience this week.

Leo: Lapis Lazuli

Synonymous with truth, honesty and inner wisdom, this captivating crystal is thought to have been Cleopatra's favourite crystal, and suggests you may need to defend yourself (or someone you love) from another person's toxic behaviour or negativity this week. Lawsuits, disputes and any false accusations will all go in your favour, and truth, integrity and justice will all prevail.

Virgo: Apophyllite

This enchanting crystal suggests you may find yourself feeling slightly insecure, self-conscious or negative about yourself this week. Turn your inner bully into your best friend by placing one in your bedroom - or keeping one by your make- up mirror. The crystal's thought to silence any negative thinking patterns or toxic beliefs holding you back, and will help you remember how wonderful you are.

Libra: Pyrite

Known as 'fool's gold', this beautiful crystal suggests someone you value dearly could reveal their true colours this week. Like this stunning crystal - which is so frequently mistaken for real gold - this person may have fooled you into believing they're someone or something they're not. However, their true colours will soon be revealed.

Scorpio: Obsidian

Known as the 'stone of truth', this powerfully protective crystal was highly revered by ancient cultures, and was often used to produce weapons, arrows and spears. As such, it's a wonderful crystal to work with when you're seeking to shield yourself from other people's toxic words or actions this week. Simply place one in your home - or keep a piece in your office - to drive away any bad vibes or negativity.

Sagittarius: Tiger's eye

This mesmerising crystal suggests you may find yourself feeling slightly trapped, suffocated or restricted by a relationship, job or commitment this month. Synonymous with courage, confidence and strength, it encourages us to wave goodbye to any comfortable - but unfulfilling - situations or relationships that no longer bring us joy.

Capricorn: Moonstone 

Like the moon - which repeats its cycles throughout the year - this stunning crystal suggests someone from the past may re-enter your life this week. Messages from ex-partners, long-lost friends and childhood crushes can all be expected during this time, and you may find yourself rekindling an old relationship or friendship this week.

Aquarius: Rhodochrosite 

Known as 'the stone of compassion', this eternally hopeful crystal suggests some truly wonderful people - from new friends to exciting new love interests - may enter your life this week. New friendships, relationships and career opportunities are all likely this week, and you may find that the perfect partner, friendship or job opportunity was right on your doorstep all along.

Pisces: Selenite

You may need to distance yourself from a difficult situation or relationship this week. Rocky relationships, unpredictable job prospects and quarrels with loved ones can all be expected, and you may find yourself feeling very affected by the emotions, behaviour and actions of others this month. Place a selenite crystal in your home to prevent other people's negativity from draining your energy this week.

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