New Moon Spell Self Love Practice

New Moon Spell Self Love Practice

Self Love Practice
“This is a time to engage in radical self-acceptance; it’s OK to own the parts of yourself that you’re not super proud of,” writes The Hood Witch. “The path to real change requires you to replace shame and guilt with humility and compassion. Be brave enough to shine light into the darkest parts of yourself and the world around you.”
Pour yourself a steamy hot bath. Set the ambiance in the bathroom with candles, incense, essentials oils and stones. Add some lavender Epsom salt to the bath along with some flower petals that you’re drawn to. Allow your thoughts to flow as your soak in the bath. Where does your mind go? Pay attention and maybe even journal about it. Have you been mad at yourself about something lately? Are you ashamed or embarrassed by something happening in your life? Sit with those thoughts, no matter how uncomfortable they are. Work through them and feel a little release as your muscles loosen in the tub. Practice loving your darkest parts right now, just as the moon sits in darkness herself.

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