New Moon Will Send Out Some Major Productive Vibes

New Moon Will Send Out Some Major Productive Vibes

On Aug. 30, the skies will go dark as we'll experience the August 2019 new moon in Virgo. As a mutable earth sign, Virgo zodiac energy loves to be organized, helpful, logical, and well-planned. At its best, Virgo is a master planner with a genuine desire to make the world better and an eagle-eye for even the tiniest of details; at its worst, it's a nit-picky, overly-critical perfectionist with a to-do list that's two miles long. August 2019's new moon will reach its peak while it's in Virgo territory, but what does it mean when there's a new moon in Virgo? The significance of this lunar placement makes it an ideal time for cleaning up your act and pulling off a solid clean-up job on your life — and with the moody and emotional moon rising in such an analytical earth sign, it can certainly make us all feel some type of way.

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