Hello Everyone 

Where has this year gone? One minute I’m choosing which nail polish I want to put on my toes for the summer and the next I’m buying pumpkin-shaped buckets for my step grandkids. Crazy days!! This month is one of my favourites for many reasons. Firstly, it’s my birthday. Yay! Another year wiser. Ha ha. Well another year something…..that’s for sure. This will be a tough birthday. My first without my mum.

My whole family is busy. My husband is at work. My grandson is due any second. So my son and daughter-in-law are waiting with bated breathe for his arrival. So have their minds on others things. I’m planning a long walk with Rocky. Fully loaded with water for him and some hot chocolate for me. While we wait for baby ‘Leon’ to arrive. I am so happy he’s going to be a Scorpio, like me. For once I’ll have a partner in crime. I plan to be a very naughty nanny and have all sorts of fun things planned for when he’s big enough. His arrival has been a long time coming.

November though obviously is about the beginning of winter. Also Samhain - the last day in October. It heralds a time thought to be when the walls between spirit world and our plane are meant to be at their most flexible, shall we say. November truly is a new beginning. Walls coming down between us and our lost loved ones and maybe here too allowing us all to cosy up and keep warm - literally and figuratively speaking .

As greens turn into golds and the leaves shimmer their last russet and jewel toned hues before returning to the earth to further enrich it for the following spring. The circle of life begins.

It is a time of fireworks, hot jacket potatoes (buttery and delicious, wrapped in foil) gorgeously smokey sausages and melting marshmallows on sticks. It is a joy to see red cheeked children squealing with delight as one sparkly explosion after another light up the sky.

I feel sorry for the wildlife and always put music on and draw heavy curtains to distract the dog and cat. To be honest once they can both smell sausages cooking they’re both pretty happy.

November will always be a happy month for me. I love nature in this season because she’s so understatedly stunning. I don’t see autumn or winter as the end of anything. Just the beginning. The glorious colours and richness, fat and seed balls being put out for the birds, mittens and scarves keeping us warm. Hot chocolate and pumpkin pies. It reminds me that even a naked tree barren of leaves is still beautiful. It reminds me that there’s always more to everything than meets the eye. Sometimes it’s the inner beauty - the framework that’s most important. I trust that no matter what the tides will change, the sun will rise and life will continue.

So I’m off to dig out my winter coat and my favourite scarf. For those early morning. possibly soggy leaved walks, my wellies. I’ve come to realise life continues no matter what. So do we. If we’re prepared for anything, anything can be enjoyed .

Lots of love Sheila xx