Oceanic Tarot Course - Aces - Week 2

Oceanic  Tarot Course - Aces -  Week 2

This week we look at the Minor Arcana Cards starting with the Aces. Take the Aces from your Tarot Deck. First open your Chakras, then pick out the Aces from your cards.

The Aces are the beginning and represent new and fresh starts for any ideas or challenges. With any Ace you will go into any project clear headed and knowing exactly what you want from it. Aces help you stay focused and clear headed so it is now time a time to take control of your own destiny and put all your new plans into action. If you stay in control then you will achieve all your inner goals and desires.


The minor arcana cards reveal everyday events. The 56 cards are divided into four suits of 14 cards, numbered Ace through Ten, plus a Page, Knight, Queen, and King. The four suits have an associated Oceanic symbol, or creature, element and energy. The elements are earth, air, water, and fire, which guide us toward the suit’s energy, or overall meaning:


Oceanic symbol    

Cups Dolphin Water Emotions, relationships

Pentacles Sea turtle, Earth Finances, home, security

Swords Shark Air Thoughts, decisions, conflict

Wands Sea horse: Fire Passion, movement, creativity

We can also understand the numbered suit cards, Ace through Ten, by their numbers:

Ace: Beginnings

The number meaning is modified according to the suit - so the Four, which stands for stillness, is interpreted as quietness and recovery in the usually antagonistic suit of Swords, while the Four of the loving suit of Cups can reveal boredom and stagnation.

The Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings are known as the Court Cards of the Tarot, originating from the cards’ beginnings in the royal courts of Italy; some of the earliest decks were commissioned by Duke of Milan to commemorate royal occasions. Pages are seen as young people, or people who are young at heart; Knights are influences or people, while Queens and Kings are generally seen as people in your life.


Each Ace represents the qualities of its suits, in their purest form. An Ace always adds something special to a reading. It stands out from the other cards as if in a circle of its own light. The images on the Aces are all similar. A strong hand, glowing with energy, comes out of a cloud grasping the token of its suit. An Ace "hands" you a gift that comes from some unknown source hidden in the clouds. The nature of the gift is symbolized by the suit token.

Ace of Cups

We know Aces are the start of something, so the Ace of Cups is the element of water. Cups represent the emotions. It is a card of love, so being an ace brings you emotional happiness and stability, it is a card full of warmth and emotional fulfillment, but be careful as the cup may overflow, it is time to look at everything exciting and new, such as fertility, news of a birth, new relationships, engagement, etc. It also indicates strong family and friendship ties. This is a card of achievement and empowerment to the heart.

Keywords: Beginnings, passion, pregnancy, creativity, fulfillment, overflow of emotions, intensity
Meaning: Love This Ace brings you your heart’s desire as you find fulfillment through an artistic pursuit or a new relationship. You may create a  ‘baby’ that is your project – a new business, a book, planting a garden or decorating your home. This card, along with The Queen of the Ocean (see page xx) also reveals pregnancy, motherhood and joy. The Ace, while being a positive card, can also bring emotions that feel overwhelming.

Advice Open your heart and trust; you need not be overwhelmed by emotion. Just be open to what comes to you.

Ace of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles is the element of Earth representing Money and materialism. This is a card that will bring you success in any new business idea; that will bring you new luck in any money situation. It is a great time to look for fresh starts in any new work project, promotions or when looking for new employment, it can also mean a new business acknowledgment. So look out for new doorways that will open and take on any challenges that you may not necessarily consider money will starting to flow as long as hard work is involved.

Keywords: Beginnings, finances, new job, success, property, security, creativity

Meaning: Prosperity Money is coming: you receive a reward or gift, or you see an opportunity to generate more income through new work or personal projects. In relationships, this Ace shows stability. An additional meaning of the card is moving to a new home, or using money wisely to invest in a property. Overall, the Ace of Pentacles reveals a happy, stable, successful time.

Advice Maximize your good fortune and make your money work for you; you deserve it. It’s time to make a wise financial decision.

Ace of Swords

The Ace of Swords is the element of Air, representing the mind. This is a card that will help you to cut through any issues or problems concerning the mind. It will help you to take stock of what it is you want from life and too help you look more deeply at ways to make significant ways to change you pathway. It also helps you overcome upset within family or friends. You will start to feel strong learning how to stand on your own two feet. You will become more spiritually strong and pioneering. But don’t let your stubbornness stand in your way see through any situation. This is a good time to push forward any new ideas, contract negotiations or legal problems, as you will be clear headed and ready to battle.

Keywords: Beginnings, decisions, action, clarity, determination, solutions, ideas

Meaning: Victory This Ace reveals you benefit from a smart decision that leads to immediate victory. If you've been beset by uncertainty or delays to your plans, this Ace shows a breakthrough as you cut through confusion to win power and success; in relationships, you make a positive new beginning. The card is also a sign of mental clarity, so you are sharp-witted; there may also be a legal victory, or a triumph in an argument or debate.

Advice: Use your intelligence and victory is yours.

Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is the element of Fire representing Career. Stop blocking your true feelings and learn how to trust in yourself once again. Start to feel your inner strength grow and learn how to deal with people more easily. Communication is important at this time so try opening up a little more. Meditation may help with Self-discovery and self-growth be reflecting on one's self it helps us to have a clearer understanding of our pathways. You have enormous potential to achieve all your goals and the Ace of wands gives you that power to make your mark. If you are looking at new business ideas or retraining this is a good time to start.

Keywords: Beginnings, intuition, adventures, ideas, creativity, success, fertility

Meaning: Growth You’re crowned with success under the influence of this creative Ace as new projects, work, ideas, and travel plans take off. You’re able to communicate well now, to share your vision and persuade others to get onside. If you’ve been wondering if your plans will succeed, this card tells you ‘yes’.  Listening to your intuition will also strengthen your spiritual beliefs. An additional meaning is fertility and pregnancy, and beginning a new journey or adventure.

Advice Step into your power – invent, talk and create. Whatever you say now will be well received.

When finished with your Tarot Cards, please close your Chakras.

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