Oceanic Tarot Course - Kings - Week 20

 Oceanic Tarot Course - Kings - Week 20

King represents a man in his maturity.

Cups represent light to medium brown hair, hazel eyes, and medium skin.

Pentacles represent white hair. Any colour eyes and fair skin.

Swords represent dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.

Wands represent fair hair or red hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

Cups love and happiness. 

Pentacles money interests.

Swords struggle and animosity. 

Wands enterprise and distinction. 

King of Wands
Keywords: Energy, creativity, power, wisdom, passion, freedom, openness

Meaning: Practicality
This king is an action man, which makes him an engaging companion and an inspiring leader. Self-motivated, he is entrepreneurial, dynamic, and open-minded. You will know what he is thinking, as his feelings always show. Travel may be important to him, and he is connected to many people with backgrounds different to his own. As the ‘you’ card in a reading, expect to find practical solutions to problems, and also see your network of friends and professional contacts grow.

Explore your passions and look to unconventional people and new places.

King of Swords
Keywords: Fairness, balance, incisiveness, decisions, strength, justice, support

Meaning: Ambition
This man is clever, and is often a strong leader in a professional career. He’s a great strategist, with charm and ambition, but can exert pressure, too, as he’s impatient to succeed. He can be relied upon to offer calm, logical judgment. An additional meaning is that legal issues need your attention just now. If this King comes up as the ‘you’ card in a reading, take a logical approach; this is the time for mental agility rather than emotion.


Look to the facts before you make a decision.

King of Pentacles
: Money, protection, power, loyalty, stability, leadership, commitment

Meaning: Trust
This King reveals a man who is ambitious, trustworthy and protective. When he commits to a project or relationship, he is loyal to the last. He can be a powerful business owner or leader; he has a hands-on attitude. As the ‘you’ card in a reading, he represents generosity and love; what you gain, you share with the people who are important to you.

Protect what is yours, while helping those on their way up the ladder. Enjoy the rewards that success brings.

King of Cups

Keywords: Fairness, empathy, sensitivity, loyalty, maturity, commitment, honor

Meaning: Understanding
This King has integrity, honor, and sensitivity, and is devoted to his friends, his family and his career; when he makes a commitment, he is loyal for life. He may be distant at times as he feels everything deeply, but may not show it. As the ‘you’ card in a reading, you balance empathy with others with fairness to yourself. He also represents the ideal male partner.

Follow your emotions, but don’t feel you have to explain your feelings; trust that you are right.


1) Now I would like you to combine the kings. Work with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

See you for next week