Oceanic Tarot Course - Queens - Week 17

 Oceanic Tarot Course - Queens - Week 17

Queen represents a woman in her maturity.

Cups represent light to medium brown hair, hazel eyes, and medium skin.

Pentacles represent white hair. Any colour eyes and fair skin.

Swords represent dark hair, dark eyes, and olive skin.

Wands represent fair hair or red hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

Cups love and happiness. 

Pentacles money interests.

Swords struggle and animosity. 

Wands enterprise and distinction. 

Queen of Wands
Keywords: Enthusiasm, leadership, creativity, intuition, relationships, strength, integrity

Meaning: Passion
This Queen thrives in company, and is passionate, talkative, and dynamic. She leads by example - through her work and beliefs she inspires others to fulfil their potential. In relationships, she speaks from the heart. Communication is vital to her, and she may find it frustrating dealing with people who are closed off from their emotions. As the ‘you’ card in a reading, it’s time to honor your special talents.

Follow your intuition to make the best decisions in relationships, work, and projects.

Queen of Swords
Keywords: Intelligence, independence, leadership, insight, intolerance, determination, justice

Meaning: Resilience
This Queen is highly intelligent and driven. She commands respect, holds her ground, and puts her interests first. She is charming, but does not suffer fools; she can see the truth of any situation in a flash. This card often comes up in a reading to show strong women – business leaders, independent females, and single parents. If she comes up as the ‘you’ card in a reading, it’s time to show your strength of character.

Be prepared to take a strong decision, or to respond to a final decision made by a woman. 

Queen of Pentacles
Keywords: Generosity, fertility, money, comfort, love, nature, children and animals

Meaning: Kindness
This affectionate, generous woman is the wise helper we all want in our lives. A lover of nature, home, and her family, she is practical and down to earth. As the ‘you’ card in a reading, this Queen shows you focus on key tasks now, and spend your money wisely. An additional meaning is an influential woman at work who supports your career.


Be hands-on; get involved, give practical help, and share your knowledge with those who need it.

Queen of Cups

Keywords: Love, nurturing, generosity, sympathy, protection, care, emotion

Meaning: Sensitivity
This Queen is the Queen of Hearts: a sensitive, compassionate woman who is gentle toward her friends and openly loving towards her family and partner. She offers loyalty, inspiration, and creativity, so your projects will thrive, too.  As the ‘you’ card in a reading, this Queen shows you now focus on relationships, children and sharing with friends; if single, she predicts you are emotionally ready for new love.

Tune in to your nurturing side. In decision-making, your emotional intelligence is your best guide.


1) Now I would like you to combine the Queens. Work with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

When finished with your Tarot Cards, please close your Chakras.

See you for next week 

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