Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 18

Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 18

The High Priestess
Keywords: Wisdom, secrets, discretion, teaching, spiritual work, vision, dreams

The High Priestess is the wise woman of the ocean. Her oracle is the infinity symbol, which reveals to her the secrets of never-ending flow of energy. In her left hand is scroll of wisdom, for her knowledge of this world and beyond, also symbolized by the two pillars - a magical portal. Over her third eye is a pendant pearl, for insight and wisdom.

Meaning: Intuition
The High Priestess indicates that it’s time for learning, so she can represent a teacher or spiritual guide. If you are reading for another person, it can show that they are ready to open up spiritually, or to find an educational course. An additional meaning is needing to spend some time alone, and to connect with your inner self. There may be a secret around you, or a new situation that is yet to unfold. Someone may take you into their confidence.

Keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself just now, and respect others’ secrets as well as your own. Take time for your spiritual interests and listen to your intuition. The right teacher will appear when you are ready for the lesson.

Queen of the Ocean
Keywords: Growth, nurturing, home, love, fertility, comfort, generosity

The Oceanic Queen is the partner of card IV, The King of the Ocean (see page xx).  An ocean goddess, she is the embodiment of feminine power and fertility. She understands the rhythms of nature and lives in harmony and comfort: her left palm is open, to receive the blessings of life, while her right hand, which holds her scepter, offers love unconditionally, as a mother to a child. Glowing with light, the emerald scepter signifies healing, nurturing, and love, while the oyster pearls signify wisdom.

Meaning: Abundance
The Queen of the Ocean is the mother card of the tarot, bringing happiness and abundance. She predicts contentment: a loving partner, family, and comfort, and reassures you that your needs will be taken care of; if you have suffered financial setbacks recently, money will flow again. Old feuds will be forgotten, and harmony rules at home. An additional meaning is spiritual growth, emotional stability, and creativity. The Queen also favors fertility, pregnancy, and children. As a person, she is the female partner, mother, or mother figure.

It’s time to grow and evolve: enjoy and invest time in your relationships, your home, your spiritual practice, and new creative projects.

King of the Ocean

Keywords: The father, protection, wisdom, organisation, authority, leadership, boundaries

The father-figure of the tarot, The King of the Ocean is the partner of card III, The Queen of the Ocean (see page xx). He represents the traditional values of the mature man: order, authority and protection. His regal throne, carved from rock, shows he is steadfast in his purpose and will hold fast to his territory if opposed; he does not take the easy option. He rules wisely, and protects those he cares for. The crystal scepter in his left hand symbolizes his power.

Meaning: Order
The King of the Ocean is a symbol of order, so if chaos has ruled recently, know that order and balance will soon be restored. If any boundaries have been crossed, you will be able to reassert your territory, and for this reason, he reveals an end to disputes. At home, you’ll soon be getting more organized and at work, good leadership and management reign. As a person, The King is the ideal partner, or he stands for a father, or father figure.


It’s time to get your work, finances, or home in order, and take control to protect your assets. You have the power!


1) Now I would like you to combine your cards, working with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

See you for next week