The High Priest
Keywords: Education, traditional beliefs, ceremonies, unity, marriage, values, authority

The High Priest is the spiritual leader of the Oceanic realm. The crook in his left hand shows his role within the church; he is the shepherd of his flock, or congregation. Like his spiritual partner, The High Priestess (see page xx), he stands at a portal between the realm of the divine and the world of mankind. His right hand is open, offering wisdom and knowledge.

Meaning: Wisdom

Orthodox religion, marriage and ceremonies, wisdom and powerful leadership are the gifts of the High Priest. A man of learning, The High Priest also suggests that education may be an option for you now. He also predicts unity, in two ways: in body, mind and soul, so you feel connected to your intuition and close to your guides; and secondly, he represents the unity of two people as they come together as one. An additional meaning of the card is convention and tradition, but if this isn’t for you, you may feel restricted by other’s traditional beliefs.

Listen to your inner wisdom, which will guide you toward a new educational path, belief, or teacher.

The Lovers
Keywords: Love, commitment, future plans, maturity, dedication, emotions, separation

A mermaid and merman embrace, their tails entwined. The couple seems perfect for one another, but look closely, and their relationship is not yet resolved. While the merman appears absorbed in his beloved, the mermaid is distracted: her color is blue, for coldness, and she looks away from his gaze. This symbolizes the dilemma of The Lovers. There is great potential here for love, but a decision, or commitment, needs to be made.

Meaning: Choices
There’s a mature decision to make as you reach a turning point. You may need to make an investment in the future (a financial plan, buying a home, or moving for work, for example) and the choice isn’t straightforward. In relationships, you bond and commit, or walk away. An additional meaning of the card for those who are single is being ready for a new, serious love relationship - love is coming.

Make your choice based on your long-term future rather than short-term gains. In love, wait for the right person rather than distract yourself with flirtations.

The Chariot
Keywords: Journeys, determination, willpower, progress, friction, guidance, protection

The charioteer is the travelling warrior of the tarot. He holds a trident to guide him on his journey, and two sea horses carry him forward. He needs only one hand on the reins to control their direction - his willpower and determination power him onward and keep his chariot moving in the right direction. In his chariot of sea shells, he is protected; the shell also symbolizes his personality, or the outer persona he shows to the world.

Meaning: Movement

It’s time to make serious progress. Travel is favored now, as are moves connected with work; the card is also a general sign that every aspect of your life will surge forward. However, balance is needed, and you may need to treat people around you with care, as this is a card of energy rather than sensitivity. The card reveals that good timing and being aware of your ego will be essential if you’re to keep your show on the road. An additional meaning of the card is acquiring a new car or other vehicle.


It’s time to actively move forward with your plans. Keep that ego in check when you need to, and enjoy this time of power and motivation.


1) Now I would like you to combine your cards, working with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

See you for next week 


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