Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 21

Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 21


Keywords: Calm, decisions, integrity, truth, legal issues, support, vindication

Justice holds the traditional scales of mercy and the sword of retribution, symbolizing fair judgment. Justice brings strength, healing past hurts or wrongdoing, restoring balance.

Meaning: Balance

A decision will be made and, provided you have acted fairly in the past, it will go in your favor. This can relate to a legal claim, a decision at work, or a relationship or family matter. When Justice appears, you can expect to find out the truth of a situation; through this, you find healing and closure.

Today you may need to make a decision, weighing up your options to find a fair and balanced way forward. True justice is restorative, so the card also suggests you will feel vindicated and stronger within yourself. An additional meaning of the card is that your spirit guides and angels are supporting you on your life’s path.

Take a practical approach; if you need to make a decision, go with what is realistic rather than idealistic; the solution doesn’t need to be perfect, just workable. If a decision is made by others that affects you, accept it is the best they can do at this time.

The Hermit
Keywords: Thought, retreat, travel, inner journeys, solitude, seclusion, protection

The Hermit is the tarot’s wise man. His arms folded, he sits in seclusion from the world, content in his thoughts and the wisdom he has gained through his many experiences. He is content within his inner self, and protected in his own world. A thinker, the jellyfish around him are symbols of his enlightened mind. He travels inwardly, intellectually or spiritually, to find the answers he seeks, which give him peace and understanding. 

Meaning: Contemplation
Reflection and quiet time are important now. You may need to study, contemplate, or simply spend time alone to process all that has happened recently. This may be a welcome retreat or you may feel lonely, depending on your circumstances. However you experience The Hermit’s solitary influence, know that you are guided by your inner light; you won’t get lost in your thoughts, or be alone forever. An additional meaning of the card is distancing yourself from certain relationships that may be overwhelming you.

Try not to resist aloneness. It gives you time for contemplation and healing, to find the answers you need, and know yourself more deeply.

The Wheel of Fortune

Keywords: Fate, luck, the unexpected, movement, change, crossroads, clairvoyance

The Wheel of Fortune shows a whirlpool of flowing energy; eight fish swim around its centre in continual motion. The number eight stands for change, and it is also the shape of the figure-eight, which signifies infinity - life and its renewal. The fishes’ clockwise motion represents a turn toward the future, as fate steps in and puts us on a new, and perhaps unexpected, path.

Meaning: Destiny
All aspects of your life are boosted with the Wheel as you move forward and allow fate to take you in your destined life direction. The card also shows you will be feeling generally optimistic, and able to make the most of your luck, turning unexpected opportunities into great decisions that change everything for the better. An additional meaning of the card is clairvoyance, so your intuition is heightened, or that the person you are reading for is developing spiritually, too.


The Wheel is not so much a ‘doing’ card as a ‘receiving’ card - so enjoy and appreciate the good fortune that comes to you now. Go with the flow.


1) Now I would like you to combine your cards, working with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

See you for next week 



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