Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 22

Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 22

The Angel of the Ocean
Keywords: Balance, reconciliation, patience, flow, compassion, finances, angels

The mermaid is of the ocean, but her lilac wings reveal she is also an angel of heaven: she lives in water but breathes air. The infinity symbol, the figure-eight, flows around her, showing that her purpose is to harmonize the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. Holding a cup firmly in each hand, she symbolizes strength and balance. 

Meaning: Healing
This is the card of the healer, negotiator, manager, or parent, who must soothe a tempest of demands to keep the peace. To do this, you may need the patience of a saint - or an angel. To support you, The Angel of the Ocean asks you to look to your spiritual side to see the lesson your situation offers you, rather than become overwhelmed by others’ emotions or stressed out by their complaints or needs. An additional meaning is healing past trauma, balancing mind and body, or balancing your finances, so budgeting and financial planning may take priority now. Also, The Angel of the Ocean can be a sign of angelic guidance; know that your angels are here to protect you through this demanding time.

You’ll need to work a little magic now to reconcile opposites. Be patient and compassionate, and you will get everything done.

The Vortex

Keywords: Choices, contracts, control, power, affairs, restriction, addiction

Caught in a vortex spinning out of control, a mermaid reaches for the ocean’s surface, while a merman is trapped towards the vortex’s tail. They cannot see the source of the vortex; it may be a storm at sea, a hurricane or cyclone, but its power over them feels absolute. Yet the waters outside the funnel of the vortex - a symbol of emotional turmoil - appear calm and unaffected by their struggle.

Meaning: Temptation
The Vortex reveals that you have become trapped. You may be enslaved by a job, a financial contract, or love and lust; a common meaning of The Vortex is affairs. This situation means you feel you have little power, and that another person, or other parties, have control over you. You may be feeling attracted to a person or situation that will do you no good. For this reason, an additional meaning of The Vortex is addiction - to substances or to love itself. However, your bondage is an illusion. You can decide to break free whenever you choose.

If you decide it’s time to break an agreement or habit, do it; it will be easier than you think. Don’t let your circumstances dictate who you are; take back your power.

The Tower
Keywords: Breakdown, endings, chaos, surrender, breakthrough, beginnings, enlightenment

During a tempest at night, a ship is struck by lightning, and bursts into flames. The castle-like battlements on top of the deck are no protection from this force of destruction from the heavens. The lightning illuminates the sky, heavy with storm-clouds, showing how precarious the vessel appears as it struggles to stay afloat in an ocean that is sure to swallow it whole.

Meaning: Destruction
When The Tower falls, you feel your world collapsing around you. Lightning strikes, and there is little you can do other than accept the chaos and change that it brings - this disaster is not your fault. You may be in shock at first, but this event is also a breakthrough; you are given a chance to see the world in a very different way. An additional meaning of the card is issues with property, and challenges to your security; you may be feeling vulnerable financially and in relationships, too.


Surrender to the universe, give up control, and begin to construct a new way of working, thinking, relating or living. You now have the freedom to start over, and a strong foundation on which to rebuild whatever has fallen.


1) Now I would like you to combine your cards, working with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.