Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 25

Oceanic Tarot Course - Week 25


Keywords: Courage, patience, endurance, risk, balance, opposition, vitality 

A merman holds open a fishing net, full of thrashing fish. Rather than rip the net apart to free them immediately, he holds his position, which takes strength. He controls the creatures’ release into the ocean, understanding their need for freedom while protecting himself, so he is not overpowered or harmed by them.

Meaning: Stability
This card shows patience in the face of conflict; you standing your ground rather than being overwhelmed. What opposes you is lower than you - this may be your own fear, guilt or other emotions that shake your confidence, or a person who is acting in an unreasonable way by projecting these emotions on to you. Showing compassion while keeping your personal boundaries strong, and refusing to be taken advantage of, is the strength of your character. An additional meaning of the card is literally, physical strength - a return to vitality.

Stand firm, be calm, and take the higher moral ground. This situation is a test of your character, and you are resilient and patient enough to withstand ongoing challenges without panic or a compromise that doesn’t feel right.

The Hanged Man

Keywords: Waiting, time, frustration, sacrifice, insight, purpose, viewpoints

A merman is entwined in a kelp forest. He is suspended upside down, but rather than struggle, his arms are outstretched; he seems to have found balance in his body and peace within. Regardless of his strange predicament, his is comfortable in his position. Rays of light are cast upon him from above, a symbol of light and protection.

Meaning: Limbo
When The Hanged Man arrives in your reading, you cannot move forward. Stuck in limbo, you may be waiting for a decision to be made, or generally feel that some aspects of your life are on hold as relationships and projects remain static. This lack of control can leave you frustrated, and you may decide to reach a compromise rather than hang around much longer. However, The Hanged Man asks you to stay calm and think through your options rather than rush to find an instant way out of a bind. This need not be time wasted after all.

Use this waiting time to see your situation in a new light, and find alternative perspectives. You may find an ingenious solution, or gain a valuable insight.

Keywords: Rebirth, endings, change, beginnings, release, relief, conclusions

This scene may look dismal at first glance - a shipwreck complete with predatory sharks, which symbolise there’s no going back to our ship, or our old ways of living. The sinking of the ship in a tempest shows the power of the elements over our human lives. The wreck, though holds treasure - a treasury of knowledge - and the little fish swimming in the foreground show that life goes on. Endings bring new beginnings and insights.

Meaning: Transformation
Death does not reveal physical death. It expresses a great change in your life, a transformation that is essential if you’re to begin a new phase. Whatever you no longer need is taken from you; death is necessary for something  new to be born. This may be unsatisfying work, a stuck relationship, or anything that constitutes old ways of being - including habits that no longer serve you. For this reason, Death clears away confusion, and brings a situation to a natural conclusion. From this point onwards, new people, ideas, and opportunities enter your life; a new era beckons.

Let what will be will be. Rather than resist the change that needs to happen, embrace it.


1) Now I would like you to combine your cards, working with them together. Get in touch with their vibrations and meanings.

2) when you feel read combine all the Tarot cards that you have worked with together. Get a feel of all these cards.

See you for next week 



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