The Sun

Keywords: Growth, children, joy, protection, holidays, success, contentment

Two mermaid children, a boy and girl, play together in an underwater garden as sunlight illuminates their beautiful world. They reach toward the sun as if acknowledging its healing light and power to regenerate. No predators threaten the children’s peace; the ocean fish around them swim without fear, comfortable and protected in their idyllic surroundings.

Meaning: Happiness
This is a joyful, positive card that predicts happiness and time for well-deserved relaxation. If life has been stressful lately, The Sun is a welcome sign that the pressure will end, and you’ll finally be able to unwind. You may be spending time with children, or finding your inner child, doing whatever pleases you and brings you fulfillment. The Sun also predicts holidays and trips, and you find peace and contentment in a place that nurtures and inspires you. The Sun favors creative pursuits, too, so you may turn your attention to hobbies and creative projects now, which flourish.

Appreciate your deserved success and this special time of rest and recuperation. Enjoy feeling safe, and appreciate the harmony that is around you.

Keywords: The past, self-judgement, review, second chances, guilt, spirituality, memories

The conch shell is the earliest horn trumpet, sounded to declare war and to herald royalty. In the Old Testament, seven angels blow their trumpets to mark Judgement Day, on which God judged our past deeds. The mermaid-angel, calling on her conch shell, raises memories from the deep, asking us to review our past actions before moving on.

Meaning: Self-reflection
It’s time to revisit the past to take stock before you move on. You may muse on happy memories, or discover that there’s unfinished business, so you may find yourself being in touch with someone from the past, or revisiting an old situation to find answers. At this time, you’ll also be judging yourself on your past actions: did you do the right thing? An additional meaning of the card is spiritual connection, linking with those in spirit - guides, angels and loved ones.

If you feel you need to give a person a second chance, or return to an old situation, now is the time to decide. If you’re reassessing the past in other ways, don’t be too hard on yourself.

The World
Keywords: Success, completion, celebration, beginnings, travel, motivation, renewal

Ocean fish, symbols of the soul, swim in a circle; their flashing bodies could be the leaves of a laurel wreath, an emblem of success, reward, and celebration. Yet this wreath is alive, and the fish continually swim in their circle, signifying the cycle of life, death and rebirth. In the centre is a merman, who his master of his ocean home, and of his destiny. He smiles at us, radiating bliss and contentment.

Meaning: Regeneration
The World shows that your life is regenerated and renewed as you finally find the success you seek and celebrate your achievement. You may also receive a particular reward for your efforts. The card also shows the completion of a phase, such as meeting a target or goal, or finalizing a house move or other major project. The World often comes up in readings to signify a relationship landmark, such as a wedding anniversary or renewing vows. There are opportunities to travel now and, if you are single, have romantic adventures, too. 

Celebrate what you have achieved and embrace new opportunities; you will be full of energy and motivation. The world is your oyster.


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