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The Magical Nordic Tarot 



The Two of Pentacles
The Two of Pentacles often appears when there’s a dilemma between two options – both of which have their own merits and pitfalls. It can signify a choice between two jobs, career paths, or places to live or study. Dilemmas about money – such as the cost of a home, or budget for a wedding – are also possible, and joint investments with partners, including mortgages, might be considered too. Finances should be monitored regularly and thoroughly, as unexpected costs are likely, and you may need to budget your time and energy as carefully as your money to avoid feeling burnt out.


The Emperor demonstrates a basic need for logic, order and discipline if you want your finances to work for you. The things to which we pay attention tend to grow in life. Do you treat your money respectfully? Do you have a grasp on how much there is, where it goes, and so on? Avoid focusing on lack of money right now, because that lack will grow. Pay close attention to what there is, and become the best controller of that amount possible.


The Lovers October may be a decision or choice for you right now at work. Review any information you can find, then choose the best path. Possibly, you might interpret something as bad but it winds up working for you. Be careful when mixing romance and career; if this happens, understand the stakes fully.



The Moon this month is quite a spiritual time for you. Gain a reading, see a healer, or indulge in other types of input from those of a spiritual nature. This time is a time when you feel psychically open, even more so than any other time. Give your feelings and thoughts some extra attention, especially paying close attention to pieces of information which might come from thin air. Now is also the time to review all the best world spiritual books - there will be more in it for you.


The Three of Pentacles is card of praise and recognition. The world is your stage right now – and this is your moment to shine! Whether you’re about to launch a business, or just got your first book published, this is a time when your talents will finally be showcased to others, and the months of hard work (and endless coffees) will pay off. In a reading, it can represent anything you’ve put your heart and soul into – from organising an event or giving a speech, to performing on stage, throwing a party, or remodelling your home. Take a bow and relish the applause; you deserve it all – and more.


The Hermit It is quite likely right now that someone will enter your life as a teacher or mentor, though you might be indirectly taught. This person will still benefit you; you will start to learn on many different levels. Respect the possibility that you might need to pull back from regular life - this isn't forever. Soon, you will feel more social. Avoid pushing yourself toward crowds unless it is necessary to do so. Most likely, you will come out of this renewed and refreshed, especially spiritually.



The Wheel of Fortune card signifies a big change in your life - so long as you're willing to take a chance. You will be given the opportunity to take your career in a completely different direction. Success can be gained from this new opening, though, there is a risk of failure. If you are seeking a challenge and you're open to meeting new people, then there is no reason not to make positive changes. If you are happy keeping things as they are, don't find yourself being consumed by regret later on in life.


The Sun generally, life is quite smooth for you. Though finances are great, however, do not lose your focus on the most important things in your life. Money does not rule this list. Socialise right now, meet others, and be sure to get out there.


Justice now is the time to be grounded. Do you sense a connection to fellow humans and the Earth? Are you able to exist within the world, but not be a part of it? Again, balance needs to be a theme at this time. Work hard on controlling perspective regarding life to help you remain centred.



The Hanged Man is time too let go. Release unattainable lovers, and you might find that someone else has been waiting in the wings for you. This, however, only serves as an example. Perhaps you will need to look into releasing your vision of a certain type of relationship as your only means to happiness. If you currently enjoy a long term relationship, make sure you and your partner are in the same spot concerning both your futures.


The Fool When the Fool appears, it is highly likely that you possess the desire to experience many different spirituality approaches to find out how they fit you. This exploration is perfectly acceptable, however, don't become caught up in just one avenue while you continue to explore. This card will indicate the powerful, driving need to gain a deeper knowledge in the realm of spirituality. Your family or friends may fail to understand why you are searching. Regardless of this misunderstanding, you still must do what is right for yourself.


The Four of Pentacles
The Four of Pentacles often appears following a period of financial hardship, and heralds the arrival of a happier time for you - and your bank balance! More certainty and less anxiety can be expected – as debts are paid, jobs are found, and temporary contracts are made permanent. Financial disputes over property, money or land are also likely to end favourably; while any cost-cutting measures – such as downsizing to a smaller home, or forgoing holidays – could pay off too. However, it can also signify the need to be less stingy with money, so prepare for the future, but remember to enjoy the present too!