Make time for a little psychic detox.


Life isn’t always kind and when it’s cold and dark it’s much easier to brood and dwell on the dark side.  Rid yourself of all of this now by going out for a walk in your local park, or countryside and pick up the darkest stone you can find.  You will now also need a black candle, a white candle and a piece of white tissue or muslin.  

Place your black candle in the north of your space and the white on in the south.  Light the black candle and while looking at its flame hold the dark stone between your palms.  Mentally list all the unpleasant feelings that are currently dragging you down and affirm that they are pouring out of you, into the stone.  When you have done this for as long as feels comfortable, place the stone on the tissue or muslin and wrap it up.  

Take a sip of water, turn clockwise and light the white candle.  Still turning clockwise, blow out the black candle.  Gaze at the white candle, breathing in deep, refreshing breaths.  When you feel cleansed, take another sip of water, blow out your white candle and thank the Universe for its help.

Take your dark stone, still wrapped in its tissue or muslin, out onto the banks of a lake or river.  Without touching the stone, throw it as far out into the water as you can, saying ‘Bad feelings begone!’ three times.

You can repeat this several times, if you feel you need to, using the same candles but always with a fresh stone or cloth.  Soon your heart will be lighter.


You wouldn’t dream of going off in the morning without your refreshing shower, but how often do you cleanse your spirit?

Each morning, when you wake up, sit upright, close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Imagine a shower of golden light, coming from above your head, flowing over and through your body.  Affirm that this ‘shower’ is clearing away all difficult thoughts, anxieties etc. leaving you sparkling and full of energy.

When you come home at night, repeat the process, feeling all the strain and frustration of the day being washed away.  Life can be a struggle, but you do have a choice – you can offload it and feel lighter.


Whenever it all gets too much, take a few minutes out and try one of the following:

    •    Ask your guardian angel for help and imagine angelic wings enfolding you

    •    Ask your spirit guides too – you may not be aware of them, but they’re there and can only help if they’re asked

    •    Consciously breathe out stress and trouble by imagining it as grey clouds that you’re blowing away from you

    •    Dance/move vigorously, to detach anything negative that might be clinging to your aura


Practical spring cleaning is great, but it might not reach the levels that really need sorting.  So after you had a bit of a dust and tidy up, get busy in more subtle ways.

Set up a tray with a lighted joss-stick, the white candle you used in the exercise above, a bowl of water (choose glass or earthenware, not plastic or synthetics) and a large stone that you have chosen for its attractive appearance.  For this you can use a stone you have picked up, or an onyx, apache tear or jet crystal.

Going from room to room, open the windows and imagine all the negative ‘vibes’ going out into the open air.  Flap a duster if it helps you to visualise this.

Once you feel the room, or rooms have been cleared, close the windows.  Take round the stone, the joss-stick, the candle and the water, into every corner, saying Be blessed by Earth’, ‘Be blessed by Air,’ ‘Be blessed by Fire,’ and ‘Be blessed by Water’ in turn.  You can physically sprinkle some drops of water here and there.  Make sure you don’t miss any space, including hallway, bathroom, large cupboards etc.

Now your home is refreshed on every level, to welcome 2018.