Release Trapped Negative Emotions Through Breathwork

Release Trapped Negative Emotions Through Breathwork

Releasing Trapped Negative Emotions with Breathwork
This rhythmic breathing technique is the most common but the most unused. You must find time to sit alone for at least five minutes. Any longer is great as it allows you to fully relax and be able to release. When emotions arise during this time do not fight them, if they make you well up and cry, that is good - this is part of the healing. 


Rhythmic Breathing

Is the act of focusing on your conscious breathing and then taking in deeper breaths. For the first cycle or two allow yourself to simply observe your natural breathing, counting the inhales and exhales. After this; break your breathing down into four  stages;

Inhale for three counts 

Hold for three counts

Exhale for three counts

Hold for three counts


You can begin to increase the cycles of breathing as your body becomes more comfortable. For example you can begin the deeper 4-7-8 ratio. 

For this method you break your breathing down to three stages:

Inhale for four counts through the nose

Hold your breath for seven counts

Exhale for eight counts


These are the best techniques for beginners as the deeper breathing and breath retention allows you to not overexert yourself. 

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