Seed ritual to find Love

Seed ritual to find Love

Seed ritual to find Love

This seed ritual is one of the oldest love rituals in existence. Any type of seed may be used such as sunflower or mixed bird seed. The birds will carry the seeds away, dropping some which will may flower. I have a splendid sunflower crop in my garden as a result of a friend doing this spell. Traditionally the spell-caster ran around a churchyard, but you can use a garden or any open space. Grass seed is excellent if your lawn is a bit bald after the winter.

You will need

A container of seeds


Midnight on St Valentine’s eve (February 13–14). You may need to modify the timing for safety purposes.

The spell

1. Go into a churchyard (or your garden or any area of open land) at midnight. Throw the seed over your shoulder, as you do so saying:

I scatter seed in love; 
This seed in love I sow
He that is my true love, 
Come after me and 
Stay as it grows
Like my love for you

2. Look over your right shoulder and you will see a vision in your mind’s eye of the future, with your love walking across the land where the flowers or grass have grown from your seeds. You may recognize him or her. If not, close your eyes and let a name come into your head spontaneously. It may be someone you know.

3. Go home and go to bed. You will hopefully dream of yourself and your love together in the summer and be drawn together in love in the months before the summer comes.


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