Hello Everyone

Please let me start by saying a huge Thank You to all my clients, who gave me the most kind and amazing messages of comfort and support on the sad loss of my mum recently. It meant a great deal. Thank you.

Now back to April. Easter is what springs to mind. Excuse the pun. If you are religious, especially Church of England, this is a very important time for you. When my son was small we would go and take part in the Easter egg hunt laid on by Canon Nicholas Kerr. He was a very dear and special family friend. Apart from the rebirth of Jesus it is also about showing us the cycle of life. New life. Who can go past a field full of spring lambs without thinking Easter?

Daffodils, baby chicks, bird song heavy in a beautiful perfumed air around us. I will always be helping confectioners stay in business by buying calorie-free, delicious chocolate eggs and bunny shaped yummy things. I know about the calorie thing! But I have discovered if I keep repeating ‘I am slim and healthy’ over and over (whilst walking the dog for an hour twice a day, ha ha) it seems to work.

So, enjoy this Easter. Eat chocolate bunnies, decorate and paint boiled eggs. Visit your local church to remember the real reason for Easter if you’re so inclined. Most of all remember springs heralds new beginnings, a fresh start. So be kind to each other.

As always lots of love

Sheila xxx