Hello everyone 

February is here again and this year is very exciting, as Jayne, three of the sisters and I are jetting off to do readings at the Conscious Mind Exhibit in good old California. So a little bit different than previous years. February for me instantly smacks me in the face and says Valentine’s Day.

We all know that you should show love to those you care for everyday. Regardless, we all know we should never go to sleep on an argument! We all know we should say “I love you” more often. It shouldn’t really take St Valentine’s Day to make us do it. Yet 90% of people will still get caught up in the drama that’s created by greeting card companies. Some will get upset if their partner forgets, doesn’t buy the right card or enough roses, etc. 

Last year we had no money. We couldn’t go to our favourite restaurant and gifts were out of the question. I wrote ‘Happy Valentine’s Day I love you’ on my husband’s work rota, left a little love message in his lunch box and put a photo of us on our wedding day in his coat with a hand-written note on a piece of paper saying ‘I’d do it all again!’.

He said it brought tears to his eyes and as far as I know that little note is still folded up in his wallet.

I guess the message I’m trying to send here is that I don’t believe you need to buy roses that are randomly triple the price or heart shaped chocolates to show you care,  February is a month that many associate with romance. So what’s the harm in taking the initiative and saving money. Why not see how inventive you can be this year. I have to admit though I have bought one of our little crystal hearts ♥️ and plan to hide it in somewhere for him. Especially as girls and I will be elsewhere on Valentine’s Day.

Happy Valentines everyone Love Sheila xxx