We all start off with such positive intentions. We’re going to lose weight, get fit, clean out the closet, stop smoking, etc. Well just like many of you I do exactly that. Sometimes I add things like change the world, make everyone a little more sensitive to others feelings,  encourage generosity in selfless ways, stop war, invoke world peace, you know the usual.

But here’s what my new beginning is going to be because this is the year for change and for growth for me personally I’m going to give up or change 10 things 

1. Worrying (it doesn’t help I’ve found)

2. Caring what others think (after all others opinion of me is none of my business)

3. Eating (not altogether, just stuff that makes me ill)

4. I’m going to drink at least a litre of water every day double if I can (this is amazing for so many reasons)

5. I’m going to give out exactly what I receive and vice versa (no more bending over backwards to please those that don’t meet me half way )

6. Work more with crystals (I’ve always loved them and want to do more crystal readings )

7. Be myself, accept myself, and love myself (those that judge others need to look in the mirror first. My new moto)

8. Appreciate and search for my blessings even on bleak days 

9. Smile, laugh often and continue to be kind, caring and generous of spirit (welcome friends that are true, and keep them close)

10. Be true to myself first.

I’m taking back my power. I’m half way through my life. I’ve had tough times and great times. I know who loves me and who matters. I have a job that I adore and friends that I cherish and who cherish me in return, I have more health problems than I want but less than others. So this year I’m going to enjoy and make the most of it. Looks like I already won the lotto. What are your new year resolutions?

Big hugs and lots of love.