Sheila October blog

Sheila October blog

Hi everyone

October is here and with it a flurry of excitement because Jayne’s birthday is coming and it’s a special one .....yes you guessed it she's 21! We're all off to Paris for the day to celebrate. How cosmopolitan is that!

I love this month - the crisp air letting you know winter is just around the corner, coats are on scarves are being wrapped around chilly necks, heart warming stews and family films on a Saturday afternoon. Also leaves crinkling under foot on wintery walks in the park and that wonderful feeling as cold hands are wrapped around delicious hot chocolate. For me there's a little extra sparkle in the air as the end of the year gets nearer perhaps because I'm a winter baby too. 

All I know is while everyone's moaning about summer being over I can think of 50 reasons to enjoy the colder months - most starting with hot chocolate and fluffy marshmallows. Ha ha. But seriously slipping on your gloves and scarf and stepping outside to fresh cold air conjures up various images. Such as families in front of a roaring fire, light reflecting off my Crystal collection as the flames flicker. Why is it I wonder that it takes the cold to encourage us to hug each other, sit closer or even snuggle with the ones you love while a gale whistles outside. Perhaps losing yourself in a FASCINATING book, the old fashioned paper kind as the rain hits the window pane.These are some of the reasons I don't mind that it's dark when I travel home after work. I just try and remember that I'll be able to see the stars all that clearer.

Love Sheila