Sheila's Corner

Sheila's Corner

Hello Everyone,

February, traditionally and always love - what with Valentine’s Day exactly midway through the month. Corona has certainly impacted many relationships by testing and pushing to the limit, throwing some couples closer than ever before or causing some relationships to break under the pressure of the circumstance.

We’re all so used to worrying about trying to find that special someone for the day or going out with our special someone and showering them with gifts, in doing so we have forgotten what love really means and where it emanates from? 

The most important thing for us all is to realise, and it's written in the stars, is that true love comes from within. The truth being, we all need to have somewhat of a love affair with ourselves this month, make it all about self awareness, self growth and most importantly self love. Unlock all the love from within you, that you have to give to someone else and take it all for yourself, let it feel the room and air around you. So, don’t feel melancholy if your single or haven’t found your soul mate yet, instead find the love within, focus on a fabulous feb.  Remember, that true twin flame match will only be found and allowed to burn bright if the spark inside us is already aglow.

Love as always sheila xxx????