Sheila's Corner

Sheila's Corner

Hello everyone,

April is here and along with it the customary April showers, this year, more than most as I sit here watching the rain run down the window in sparkly little rivers, I’m amazed at the miracle that is our Earth. She has a creature or a component to do everything from decomposing to new growth, recycling everything naturally and when left to her own devices mother Earth seems to have it all under control and in balance.

It seems to me it’s only when Man gets involved, cutting down rainforests and depleting natural habitats etc. That everything seems to go awry.

Whilst I’m sitting here contemplating Life’s Little Mysteries what never ceases to amaze me is just how beautiful it all is. Intermittently, every five minutes there is a torrent of rain followed by a break through of brilliant sunshine. Leading me to wonder what on earth you’re worried about when five seconds ago if you had ventured out you'd have got soaked to the skin and now you're ready to pull out the deck chair.

It’s with this in mind, I would like you all to think about life - what we’ve been through, the stresses, strains, this little thing called the coronavirus you may have heard of it!, as well as the unforgettable losses. But just like that rain inevitably soaking us every 10 minutes or so the Sun and that inevitable glorious warmth it brings will seep through and make us forget that the rain was even there.

So, it’s with this philosophy that we move forward, trusting that for every pothole we found ourselves stuck in there will eventually always be a way out and a smooth road ahead until the next pothole or the next shower.

The beauty that this spring brings is; in trusting that if we choose to look towards the next burst of sunshine and the next smooth road that it will inevitably come, it’s about enjoying it while it’s here and not allowing ourselves to wallow in what’s gone wrong or what is challenged us, after all none of us would sit around in rain soaked garments!!! We rush to get into something warm and dry, possibly even have a gloriously warm shower and then watch the rain through the windows. Life is more than simply balance and timing. So every time I see that myriad of rain and sun it makes me smile because there’s always something better just around the corner.